Gov. Steve Beshear and Creationist Theme Park

Rachel Maddow has been coming up with some good stuff this week, I haven’t even gotten to the Daystar TV Channel Scandal yet but you can be sure I’ll be commenting. Today’s show for 12/2 had a clip with Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky at a press conference for a “Creationist Theme Park” that will include a replica of Noah’s Ark. A reporter asks a question if there will be dinosaurs on the ark and one of the aides (I think he’s an aide, unless he’s a creationist) behind the good governor starts cracking up. Even he knows it’s ridiculous. Then they have one of the Answers in Genesis guys come to the microphone to explain that, yes, dinosaurs will be represented.

Maddow made the clever remark that every species of cockroach will also be represented–damn, it is so nice to hear biting remarks like that when most news commentators shy away.

Why Gov. Steve Beshear–who looks embarrassed and tight-lipped in the video–is involved with a creationist theme park is that apparently the state of Kentucky is going to give it tax breaks of some sort. Regardless if this is a religious organization, do theme parks count for tax exempt status? Or is this a for profit venture and therefore the tax breaks are incentives to build in Kentucky?

Answers in Genesis is trumpeting their new upcoming Kentucky Ark project on their site and asking for donations. The way you donate is you buy a piece of the Ark to help build it. A peg will cost you $100, a plank will cost you $1000, and a beam will cost you $5000.  For $0 bucks you can keep your self-respect and avoid any sort of donation at all. According to the site, AIG has about $115,000 donated so far and needs 24.5 Million to complete the project.

If you want to get a feel for what you will experience when entering the theme park, there are descriptions of each themed area including a Walled City (to show how people lived at the time of Noah. Should include depraved perverts, hookers, Sodomites, and general sinners use the F-word while they cheat on their taxes.), The Ark (the pigeons will line up two by two, and when I say pigeons I mean patrons), Noah’s Animals (A small petting zoo. They are currently trapping dinosaurs.), Children’s Play Area (supposedly safe considering the Flood drowned little children and puppies who were awful sinners), The Tower of Babel (English only please), Journey Through Biblical History (the sun will stop for a daily live show), First Century Village, Aviary (Archaeopteryx has been banned), and a Special Event Area.

Readers to this site sometimes think I go overboard when I go after religion–but I stand by my slogan on this one: “You’re not crazy, they are!”

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