‘Holyman Undercover’ Coming to Save Hollywood

In the tradition of Undercover Brother (no, not really) comes Holyman Undercover, a  movie from Pure Flix Entertainment about a religiou hick who “finds fame and fortune playing Satan on a top rated television show.” This according to ChristianFilmNews.com who seriously needs to update their news section (I thought I was bad with some of my past blog projects but if you visit the news section this is from 10/29/2009 and I thought it was actually new until further research). Featuring the talents of David A.R. White, John Schneider, Fred Willard, and Clint Howard–Clint Howard in a “Pureflix” film for wholesome family viewing? Have you seen his resume? That’s what’s so great about Hollywood. One month an actor is covered in blood in a horror film speaking the foulest language ever and the next he’s in a G-rated family film, including Christian films.

Christian Film News says that church screenings are available through Pure Flix so there must be more to this picture than just clean slapstick. Where’s the religous catch?

The official movie site for Holyman Undercover states the main character was going to Hollywood to be a missionary (plenty of hookers there to preach to) so I’m guessing that after finding “fame and fortune” as Satan he will repent when his bubble is burst by Godly guilt. Ahh, and on the DVD cover it says “He’s hot, he’s hip, he’s Amish.” Amish…you know everyone pays tribute to the Amish but nobody wants to be the Amish. At least they’re more sincere than most Christians when they are “not of this world.” From the looks of the trailer, this pure film is making fun of the Amish lifestyle. It feels like a bad 80s film and yet we all know that those kinds of films are guilty pleasures–because of bad comedy, nudity and stupid gags, which I doubt this flick has.

Christian Film News also reviewed the comedy and while I am certainly not the best movie reviewer myself–though I like to think I’m bluntly honest–do you think this is appropriate to write in a movie review? Per CFN review by Scott Brennan: My prayer is that the teens or young adults that God is drawing to Himself, even in this very hour, might be drawn to this DVD as well. It would be great if Christians throughout this country went out to their local video store and requested it so it could be on the shelves for that very purpose. Let’s support the cause. Jesus is coming, and we want to be doing more than just “looking busy.” We want to be getting the message out there and supporting the efforts of our Christian brother, David A.R. White.

Geeeze! Is this film really good enough to convert someone to Christ?

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