Honey Badger Narration Video

Randall on YouTube has created numerous wildlife videos on YouTube with his own special brand of narration. You might learn something as you laugh your ass off. Honey Badgers are amazing little brutes.

This week I’m going to be posting videos and cartoons on “Predators God Designed.” If God is to be inferred by nature then we can see that his design is pretty damn vicious. I know most people don’t like snakes but why did God create them as prey for the honey badger so that it can bite their heads off? Or does that fall into what I call “Sin Theory”? This is the ┬áidea that nature went to shit after the Garden of Eden closed down.

As I continue to post these predators you’ll soon see that nature is about fangs and claws and one creature eating another which is hardly what I call a grand design of a benevolent creator. At best it could fall into ID (Intelligent Design) except I don’t know if design by death and adaptation shows intelligence or flawed cruelty? Perhaps a cruel God created an imperfect but fascinating ecological balance between predators and prey and had no care for the pain involved. ID is not supposed to claim a specific god. I don’t believe ID focuses on perfect killing machines though, more on creatures we love like giraffes.

If some of these predators were in the Garden of Eden “not killing” then why were they designed with weapons? The honey badger may just have adapted due to sin theory and badgers in general are admirable sons of bitches that demand respect in the wild–I’m sure they must have been cuddly cute in Eden? This is one of the smaller predators, wait until we get to the bigger ones.

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