Hot Reporter Harassed at Football Game

Inez Sainz - Hot Jeans

I watch Fox News for entertainment because they cover so many “fundie” issues like church versus state and abortion. It is easy to get a gauge on what conservative Christian America is interested in because Fox caters to them. …So this ass pops up and it is from reporter Ines Sainz, a reporter for Azteca TV (Spanish language TV if you can’t guess).

Ines Sainz claims she was sexually harassed by the Jets including the coach who apparently threw the football near her so that team members could rub up against her (this is per the Fox commentators). She also went into the Jets locker room looking like this–tight jeans and busty.

The Fox panel was led by what I call a Fox Blonde, as there have been so many of them over the years and one pundit said this was completely inappropriate behavior by the Jets while the other pundit said it was to be expected from boys going into a football battle. The main issue seemed to stem from how Ms. Sainz was dressed.

For a reporter, I don’t see how her style of clothing is business appropriate or how we are expected to take her seriously, however, since this is entertainment I’m not sure we should be that critical. Men do have to control themselves despite how sexy a woman looks and we can’t use the excuse, “She was asking for it,” because that leads down to the slippery slope of rape. So as hard as it is for a man not to get excited–even if Sainz was doing her reporting naked–if society’s expectations allow for this kind of dress or nudity then men should still behave. What it comes down to is being adult enough to know what the expectations are in each context.

With that said, women are not stupid. They know what triggers a man’s excitement which is why there are usually dress codes for office structures and where I’ve worked some women have been asked to go home and change when they’re showing too much cleavage or too much leg. This seems to be an appropriate response considering the legal issues involved with sexual harassment cases in the workplace.

I do wonder, though, if women regularly dressed sexy or showed a lot of cleavage or tight-fitting clothes, would men get used to it? At one time, it was outrageously hot for a woman to show her ankle and in Europe it’s normal for women to go topless on the beaches. If exposed breasts were an everyday occurrence men would not notice as much, they might simply get used to the idea of them being out there. Certainly attractive women would cause heads to rise (double entendre intended) but that happens whether a woman is dressed from head to toe or in a bikini. An attractive woman is an attractive woman.

The irony of the Fox panel is that according to, “The female sports reporter at the center of a sex harassment claim against the Jets now says she doesn’t feel the locker room treatment she received was harassment.” In other words, the story has been blown out of proportion, but indeed there was an issue with catcalls and a general lack of respect. After all, do the players and coaches hoot at their own cheerleaders (no really, I’m asking? I don’t attend football games enough to know?).

Ines Sainz did not do much for her case though when she stated on Twitter that what she was wearing was not inappropriate and then posted this picture above with her ass packed into a pair of jeans. I’m sorry, but if I was pumped up on testosterone and then having to stare at that ass from behind during the whole game I would need a cold shower. Hispanic women in the news are notorious for making the most of their curvaceous bodies to the point of spilling out of a dress. You’ll notice in the United States female news anchors rarely emphasize their breasts like they do on Mexican TV and tend to cover up–after all, it is the news not a late night show. Female news reporters in general should probably not pose for Esquire (see below) if they want to be taken seriously. I’m not saying it is fair and maybe it should be up for debate, but then how many male anchors do you see posing for Cosmopolitan with their muscles all oiled up (ooh, I’m getting the creeps).

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