How Christians Party Video

It’s a dorky video for dorky people but I liked it. It’s how Christian youth parties and despite the parody is not too far from the truth. Their idea is to satire what the nonChristian kids do like the “Reverse Strip Poker” (shouldn’t everyone start out naked though?) and overdosing on sugar and caffeine. I remember silly get-togethers like this at my church.

People can have fun without sex, drugs and booze, yes, I definitely agree. Quite a few skeptics are teetotalers because of various reasons including not wanting to impede their senses with a mind numbing substance. I do, recommend dorks hooking up, though, and there’s no reason why a little naughty groping should be off the fun list (fact is I know it wasn’t at my church or other churches I visited). Be safe about anything you do: drinking in moderation (a nice buzz), condoms and a little weed is fine, but avoid the hard stuff (there’s no point in it). I wonder if the issue is not sex, drugs and booze, but rather if people can control themselves so they don’t screw up the rest of their lives with a pregnancy, DUI or an arrest for possession.

SIDENOTE: Just by random I found this article from 2009 at Science Daily on how people who don’t drink may be more depressed than those who do.

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