Is the Narnia Movie Series on a Downward Slide?

I know coming from a freethinking site on entertainment that this is going to look like gloating, but that’s not the intention. I grew up reading C.S. Lewis including The Chronicles of Narnia and fondly remember my childhood reading of it, especially several personalized dreams where I walked through my closet to see another world in snow and odd creatures. The film versions, unfortunately, have not entranced me like the books did and I believe that my imagination was much better in picturing the story, or it may be that as an adult I’ve seen The Lord of the Rings which seems a far superior series. I’ve often called Chronicles of Narnia “Lord of the Rings Lite” as Lewis and Tolkien were colleagues and from what I’ve read Tolkien was never really impressed by his friend’s book series. If you want to accuse me of bias, you’re too late. My wife already did it as she liked the first film.

It doesn’t surprise me when after seeing the first film and then bearing with the second film that the series is starting to lose interest. This is according to critics and box office receipts. Take a look at “Narnia: Dawn Treader Barely Treads Water, Wins Weak Box Office.”  I also didn’t know, according to this article on MovieFone that Disney dumped the series and now it has been picked up by Fox Studios. That’s not a good sign. On top of that, if you look at the critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes it seems everyone is slowly turning against Narnia, except of course faithful Christian family movie reviewers.

I’m sure Dawn Treader is not a bad film, just a weak one. I was going to see it in the theater but after Prince Caspian left a bad taste in my mouth I opted for seeing The King’s Speech. I’ll wait for the DVD to come out and get it through Netflix. Fact is, I’m thinking of rereading the books. When you’re a child you don’t have the critical eye that adults do. Or maybe that’s the point, this series is for kids and adults are eventually going to grow tired of it.

The question is will Fox continue on to finish the Narnia series? Dawn Treader is only the third in the series.

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