Islam NOT a Religion?

I found this small piece of news interesting in that the lawsuit strategy was to redefine Islam so that it was not a religion. The story falls along the same lines as the controversial Islamic Community Center being built near Ground Zero. This time it is in Rutherford County, Tennessee and the Tennessee Chancery Court is attempting to stop construction on an Islamic center being erected in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The case is named Estes v. Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission so you can guess what the conflict is here? Why is the state of Tennessee interfereing with the right of muslims to establish a house of worship?

Easy, they redefine Islam. Per the news item found on Religion Clause Blogspot, “…that Islam should be classified as a political or ideological movement, not a religion, and that the proposed mosque is not a house of worship.”

The Obama Administration filed an amicus brief (which means advice from a “friend of the court”) clearly stating that Islam is categorized as a religion and therefore should be treated as such. Now unless Tennessee knows for a fact that this new mosque/community center is going to house terrorists they have no right to deny the project from going forward. It seems to be an obvious violation of the rights of muslims to freely exercise their religion. While I am heavily critical of Islam, this seems to have a racist intent?

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