Japanese Hornets Designed by God to Kill

What was God’s purpose in designing the Japanese Giant Hornet other than to kill and eat? These insects are fascinating, but horrific.

Or again, are we dealing with Sin Theory? These giant hornets were amiable in The Garden of Eden until sin made them bad? Sin designed their deadly jaws and their poison stingers (that also kill humans each year)? Why does sin select these predators to be more sinful than other predators such as the other insects they attack? You may think these are dumb questions, but that’s the point! Creationism poses some dumb questions. If this is simply adaptation, which creationists might concede, then adaptation by God’s design is potentially “evil” and yet no conscious decision is made by the creatures themselves to be evil. In evolution we wouldn’t place an evil label on animals in general because it’s survival of the fittest, but in God’s world what else would you call an insect that destroys hives of 30,000 bees making honey by decapitating each little honey bee? Mindless evolution or God’s design? Which makes more sense?

BTW: European honeybees have evolved a unique defense against Japanese Giant Hornets. They ambush the scouts, surround them in a ball and vibrate to heat up until they roast the hornet to death. Wonderful design God! Decapitation defended by burning alive! Nature is God’s horror show!

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