‘Jerusalem Countdown’ with Lee Majors

Sometimes when reviewing news on upcoming Christian movies my heart sinks. That’s because I recognize well known actors from my childhood that I fondly remember watching on TV. In this instance it is Lee Majors in Jerusalem Countdown, based on the book by preacher John Hagee (did Hagee really write it all by himself?). Lee Majors, if you don’t know, is from The Big Valley, The Six Million Dollar Man, and one of my favorites The Fall Guy. Any actor, if they would like, can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that Christian filmmakers prey on actors who are no longer A-list.

One case in point would be Tribulation (2000) which featured Margot Kidder. Margot Kidder is on the CelebAtheist.com list, as well as having some general substance abuse issues. I don’t see how she was fit to be in a Christian movie and her reason for doing the film was that “she was broke.” Apparently, she didn’t even realize the filmmakers actually believed in the premise of their script on the rapture. Gary Busey also appeared in Tribulation and we’re well aware of his drug issues even as he is a confessed Christian. After much embarrassment, I’ve seen the Christian community shy away from him, but they rushed to exploit him when he first started spouting the gospel saved him.

I believe that the worst fear of actors is to “not work” and to “be forgotten.” Therefore, when the opportunity comes along to star in a film that has a reasonable budget they jump at the chance. For Christian producers this lends credibility and legitimacy to their filmmaking. They will continue to exploit forgotten actors until Christian actors become as well known as Christian music stars like Amy Grant  or Michael W. Smith.

Looking at the trailer, Jerusalem Countdown is the same old prophetic nonsense. The description posted on ChristianCinema.com says: “With the Middle East in turmoil, Israelʼs preeminent ally is thrust into an impending war— America is now the target as the battle for Jerusalem begins.” They go on to say that “Jerusalem Countdown highlights the reality of an inevitable conflict between Israel and Islam.”

Inevitable? Again, Christian pessimism.

My hope is that Islam will go through it’s struggle to become modern and then we can find peace. I also hope that someday Israel and Palestine will find a way to coexist. It isn’t going to be anytime soon but let’s recognize that so far American Muslims have proven it is possible with the exception of some crackpots (but every religion has crackpots, even atheism has one or two). Religion doesn’t have to dominate rational thought even when we can see the humorous contradictions. Therefore we have theistic evolutionists or other fields that hold onto the last vestiges of belief–but the fantastic elements are subservient to the rational ones.

To Lee Majors, I have to say I’m a huge fan. If it makes you happy to star in this nonsense then so be it, but we still remember you as a bionic man–created by science–that helped make the world a better place. Hopefully, this nonsense is well done so that after we realize it is hokum we can watch it as a purely fictional film.

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  1. Yes people do become Christians and do somtimes fall and fail. One must remember the Christian life is a process of santification. A loving God understands this and mature Christians also understand this. A Christian should love and help nurture new believers as they are young in their faith. Like our children they will make mistakes growing up and “In Love” a Christian will rebuke them and point them in the right way; one can’t force people to change they must want to;forced change is never real change; so one prays for those individuals and lets God do His work. Too many Christians shoot their wounded and this World deals horribly with Christians as it is, Imagine if we as parents would not respond in loving rebuke towards our children when they fail? LOVE! Humans should not judge but they can and should lovingly rebuke when need be. There will always be wolves in sheeps clothing. That is why Christians are told to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Don’t get wrapped around the axle when Christian movie producers use movie stars that aren’t Christians after all what better place for those movie stars to be then with an environment that may direct them to a better way of life. Love, pray and hope for them!

  2. I figured Christians would be okay with being wise as serpents when it comes to marketing. The game is to exploit known “secular” talent who made their fame on movies Christians despise or would criticize for “nonChristian” elements until the industry is big enough to have its own breakout stars that conform to fundamentalism. Then the Christian movie industry can use its own talent and avoid secular talent (who may have their own faith, but aren’t up to snuff).

    I’m sure many of these stars consider themselves individuals of faith but that’s not the same as being a Christian or even a fundamentalist. I question whether or not they know the material they’re involved with. I mean Stacy Keach? I just saw him on a rerun of Two and Half Men playing a man in a gay relationship. John Hagee, who supposedly writes these stories (Armageddon stuff), is a big homophobe and is looking forward to the war against Israel to bring in Armageddon, so much so it’s being debated whether or not he’s an anti-semite.

    I responded to the director of Jerusalem Countdown when he contacted me on this post. Seems like a nice guy, offered to have a beer with me if he was ever in Seattle, but I told him I question involvement with John Hagee. If you recall, Republicans were scrambling to distance themselves from this preacher earlier in 2011 because he was deemed to be too extreme. However, they seem to keep coming back for Hagee’s flock to get their votes (they hypocrites).

    I’ll end this comment with this quote from an article on MotherJones.com which again makes me wonder why Keach if not Lee is supporting Hagee with their talent in making this film: “The pastor’s history of incendiary comments meshes with his unique brand of Christian Zionism. He’s warned, for instance, that the anti-Christ would be, gay, part Jewish, and president of the European Union. In his book, Jerusalem Countdown, he writes, “[M]ost readers will be shocked by the clear record of history linking Adolf Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church in a conspiracy to exterminate the Jews.” (He has since apologized, acknowledging that there were “thousands of righteous Catholics…who risked their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust.”)”


  3. “Swenson” you truly are one sick shameless slanderous frothing bastard. It is so beyond unreal how sick your mind truly is. Your entire life and belief system is in the sewage of a fantasy b movie that never even made it to dvd.

  4. Thanks, Max.

    In my experience, people so willfully self-deceived don’t usually come around without the initiative of God to open their eyes and Swenson has made it clear to God that he’s not the least bit interested in learning the truth.

  5. It’s interesting that the last two comments by both Max and Gary don’t even make an attempt to comment on what I wrote, but simply use an ad hominem attack.

    Yes, I believe I am not deceived by those who claim to speak for god. I won’t argue with that. I am absolutely interested in the truth, but not a substitute which is clearly faith.

  6. This is why they wrote there comments Admin: “I figured Christians would be okay with being wise as serpents when it comes to marketing. The game is to exploit known “secular” talent who made their fame on movies Christians despise or would criticize for “nonChristian” elements until the industry is big enough to have its own breakout stars that conform to fundamentalism” You are not understadning the context under which that was written. To be wise as serpents (is in reference to people such as yourself), but gentle as a lamb. You had written, “I am absolute interesting in the truth. ” Absolutely? Then you are a liar. Jesus , “I AM the Truth”..since you are not Absolutely Interested in him, that’s a lie. In regard to Islam, they too are liars mostly unknowingly though. There will NEVER be world peace, that’s a given. Islam some say is the religion of peace yet Christ said, “Peace I leave with you MY Peace I Give”..but they deny who he is , which means it can’t possibly be true.

  7. I agree with Stephen john if you don’t know jesus you don’t know peace, if you don’t know only through him you can have god, if not you don’t have the truth, nor are you in the process of that truth making you freer all the time

  8. where in his life did Swenson screw up so he decided to blame God and Christians for his own failings. bashing God, Jesus and Christians just shows that you are more ignorant than your words

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