Jesse Ventura’s New Paranoid Show on Tru TV

Libertarians seem to lean towards conspiracy–and I say that with love because I agree with Libertarians on a lot of points though I can’t consider myself one. Quite a few skeptics and freethinkers are libertarians because they’re stuck in the middle of  the left and right on political issues. Unfortunately, just like the far left and far right extremes, Libertarianism seems to attract a lot of nuts–take a look at the Tea Party. Dare I say that Jesse Ventura is one of them?

He has a new show called Conspiracy Theory and I’m guessing it’s going to involve a lot of unfounded speculation about government plots, who shot JFK and where are they hiding the aliens? How do I know besides just guessing? A quote from the homesite about what Jesse and his team of investigators will do, “They review evidence and meet with experts and eyewitnesses to learn more about such topics as the JFK assassination, Area 51 and a possible plot to kidnap our nation’s water supply.”

To be fair, I will watch the show a couple of times but I get bored easily about JFK conspiracies and Area 51 is laughable. How about some new conspiracies? I guess controlling our water supply is sort of new but I’d rather watch James Bond investigate the same thing in Quantum of Solace.  The trailer for Conspiracy Theory is very ominous but doesn’t seem to show much of anything. Jesse just seems to be out on the road lost and maybe looking for directions because his GPS doesn’t work.

What ultimately would be nice is to see Penn Jillette, a huge libertarian (not his size, his political views–you know what I mean) poke fun at Jesse Ventura. It would be libertarian on libertarian action.

The show airs 10 PM on Friday Nights on Tru TV. The real conspiracy is the guy who keeps misspelling words in order to make them look cool–like the word “true.” Remember, it’s “Not Reality, It’s–” possibly a load of crap.

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