Jesus Will Be Killed on Christmas Day

MSNBC is running a story on The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL. While most Americans will be gathered around nativity scenes, watching Christmas plays with Mother Mary holding baby Jesus, and turning on the tube to hear Linus tell us the meaning of Christmas is the Christ child, The Holy Land theme park will be slaughtering Jesus…as usual.

If you watched Bill Maher’s film Religulous, you’ll know what I’m referring to as he talked personally with the savior himself. The Holy Land Experience is owned and operated by scam central Trinity Broadcasting Network and features the Passion Play twice daily (except Sundays apparently, I guess Jesus needs to rest from the beatings). Families bring their kids to watch Jesus¬†smacked bloody¬†in the streets and then nailed to a cross. Of course it’s all acting and special effects, but what theme park do you know that presents crucifixion as appropriate entertainment for kids? Except for maybe Halloween Horror Houses?

You would think Christmas Day, the park could take a break from nailing Jesus and just maybe have Mary and Joseph ride through the park on a donkey. Or even more clever, have the Three Wisemen asking tourists for directions to the manger. Christmas is about Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men, can’t we take a break from the cross? I would think Christmas Day would be a huge celebration and a free pass day for everyone to come and worship like some sort of mass. Instead, MSNBC says tickets will be $35 for adults, $20 for kids–Mary and Joseph won’t be able to afford to get in.

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