, Another Rejected Superbowl Ad


From The Hollywood Reporter, Fox TV has rejected another ad proposed by, a conservative comedy site. The ad features a bobblehead of Jesus and another bobblehead for Obama. Obama annoyingly keeps bobbling until he falls into a fishbowl–and Jesus approves. That’s it!?  That’s the stupidest ad I’ve ever seen! Somebody actually thought this was a good idea?

If you visit the official site, all they’re doing is selling T-shirts that say: “Jesus Hates Obama.” Up above they try to state they’re just kidding with, “Do we really believe Jesus hates Obama? Of course not! However, we do believe in freedom… as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama Administration with novelty T-shirts, hats and mugs. ”  ….???? How is this a joke or even satire? You’re telling people, the peace-lovin’ version savior a majority of Americans subscribe to, hates our president? It doesn’t necessarily offend me, I just don’t get it? 

I’m all for conservative humor–but this doesn’t make sense and I’m not sure who would buy these shirts? I would assume this site isn’t being run by Christians? …But maybe it is? If so, they’ve turned their religion into a joke and I’m fine with that. I sent in a media inquiry to see if I could get a response. With all of the hate email they may receive, my request may get lost.

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