Josh Brolin Witnesses Travolta Healing Brando

This is an odd piece of gossip found on Hollywood Reporter. Josh Brolin, during some sort of life trauma, reached out to Scientology and got audited (spiritual counseling). This healing consultation didn’t do much for him but he recalls seeing another healing at a celebrity dinner party. Marlon Brando apparently arrived late after assisting a stranded motorist which resulted in a cut on his leg. It was enough of a cut to cause pain, or just Brando having to lug around his wide girth, that he complained openly about it. John Travolta comes to the rescue and announced he had just reached a new level in Scientology. He closes his eyes and touches Brando’s leg for several moments like a mystic and then Brando thanks Travolta for the healing, said it helped.

Brolin describes the event as “…fucking bizarre.” Travolta’s lawyers denied the healing ever happened and accuse Brolin of making it up.

I’m not sure why Josh Brolin would make something like that up?

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