Junkfood is Good For You

Sort of…yes it is a somewhat misleading title, but it does lead into the story covered by NPR where an academic, named Professor Mark Haub, decided to test whether it is the foods we eat or whether it is moderation that is necessary for weight loss. For his experiment he chose to eat only convenience store snacks over the duration of two months–junkfood!  The only exception was some raw carrots and celery added in for dinner but no fruits or grains. The result? He lost weight, 27 pounds to be exact.

It was a simple trick of counting calories. Before the naysayers dive in he also dropped his cholesterol from 214 to 184. You might be wondering what this experiment proves and it is simply contrary evidence to the obesity hype that is going on from infomercials to lawmakers that I think it is out of control. It is not a peer reviewed test of body mechanics(I don’t think?) and we could consider genetics as a factor too, but still, a pretty effective experiment. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with pushing fruits and veggies, but making laws against trans fats and going after school lunches is a waste of time and money when the real problem is moderation as well as basic exercise.

Our habits have changed due to the Internet and jobs that require sitting on your ass 8 hours or more a day. I fully expect science to come along in the future and say, here take this and “poof” the pounds fall off. Obesity is not a sin, it’s a biological throwback to when we needed to build up calories to survive against nature. Now that we don’t need those extra calories, much like other biological issues, we’re waiting for the day when medical science will provide the answer–and once we get it we will take it for granted.

BTW: The professor involved specializes in nutrition so he seems to have some background on the subject.

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