Kanozero Island: Ancient Animated Cartoons in Stone

I don’t know if I would go as far as calling these animated cartoons–which is what one of the researchers did–but they are fascinating. They are stories in a format that we might call cartoons because of the simplified drawing style (it’s not easy to draw in rock). Tales of bear hunts and other animals that ended up being eaten abound in over 1000 petroglyphs. The drawings are said to be approximately 5,000 to 6,000 years old and apparently no dinosaur hunts were recorded. I say that because the title of this particular article is “More than 1,000 rock carvings abound on Kanozero Island in Northern Russia. One of them beats The Flintstones by several millennia.” And, of course, we know that humans lived with dinosaurs according to the creationist pop culture of The Flintstones cartoon series.

The researchers involved speculated the drawings could be be bragging rights (look what we killed) or more. I would say that humans love to see themselves in stories and let people know what happened at such and such time. These petroglyphs may not be cartoons so much as news for other travelers.

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