Kathleen Turner as ‘High’ Nun

It’s not quite what it sounds like.Kathleen Turner is set to star as Sister Jamison Connelly, a nun who sponsors a 19 year-old “hustler,” as Broadway.com terms it. The 19 year-old is, of course, a drug addict, thus the title High, but what may be interesting about the play is that in the course of trying to rehabilitate the kid (played by actor Evan Jonigkeit), the nun begins to question her belief in miracles. It may be a soft approach to supernatural skepticism and for all I know the end of the story could muster up a new-found belief in God’s healing powers, but I’m doubtful Turner is out to promote the Catholic religion. It sounds more like a human drama as the good Sister also has to question if people can change and if she has the abilities to steer such behavior as a counselor.

Created and written by Matthew Lombardo, High began running in theaters in 2010. By adding her name to the title role, Kathleen Turner will focus new attention on the play. I’m not sure it’s anything we’ve not seen before, but I’m always interested in stories about faith and questioning of faith.

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