Katy Perry’s Mom Exploits Her For Book Deal

Christians know how to make the most of the book market and Katy Perry’s mom, Mary Perry Hudson (Mary Perry? Seriously?) is looking for a book deal. According to Fox News, she is, “…shopping a book about how her pop-star daughter has impacted her Christian ministry…” The article goes on to say that Mary is proud of her daughter but disagrees with her career choices (and probably that song about kissing a girl).

Isn’t it interesting that a Christian evangelist whose parental skills did not keep her daughter in line with holy living feels the need to share her failures with the rest of us–to sell a book. I’m sure she’ll offer plenty of advice and then push the gospel. The book is sure to sell fear to Christian parents who don’t want their daughters to have multi-million dollar record deals and dress sexy for music videos. Much like the Fox article, which tells us how “raunchy” the singer’s career is and offers us a text ad to see Celebrity Gossip Pictures of Katy in the middle of the article, Mary is exploiting the situation with the guise of being concerned about how her daughter has impacted her ministry.

Everyone has an angle I guess. I see nothing wrong with Katy Perry or her career. She seems to be in control of it with minor mistakes in comparison to some other famous celeb girls. Sure she shows some cleavage (achem, Sesame Street) and sure her lyrics are daring, but, as I noted on another blog , if you ever watched the video for “I Kissed A Girl”–she never kisses a girl! In other words she’s a bit of tease having fun at all of our expense and loving it.

Fox News says that Katy compared her upbringing to the movie Jesus Camp and if you’ve ever seen that documentary on how fundamentalists indoctrinate their kids you’ll see that Katy survived pretty well. Apparently her dad speaks in tongues and her mom interprets it (and that’s not an euphemism). Her childhood sounds sort of creepy, it’s no wonder she felt she had to act out.

I went in search of Mary Perry’s ministry website and found it. I guess because the man is the head of the household it is named KeithHudson.org. Mary already has a book out that she is selling called Smart Bombs. The book description says: “This Book Reveals How The Word of God Is Like A Modern Day Smart Bomb…”  Okay, Mary just opened herself up for a ton of jokes by atheists but I will resist. What I did find interesting is that in the Fox article her full name Mary Perry Hudson is used and on this book she lists herself only as Mary Hudson without the Perry. I don’t know if I should read too much into it, but will she be also using the Perry version of her name to associate herself with her daughter? Mary seems to be aware of “marketing.” Where did “Perry” come from? Was Mary Hudson married prior to her current husband Keith? Hmm. Let’s go to Wiki, “Mary (née Perry), an evangelist who grew up in Southern California and had “a tempestuous first marriage in Zimbabwe…” So in addition to parental skills, Mary Perry Hudson was divorced. As I’ve been saying, divorce is a good option to have if the marriage goes awry. Fundamentalist Christians who embrace traditional family values, though, don’t approve of divorce. I’ve even heard some say that Christian wives should stay with their nonChristian husbands in order to convert them.

Why am I being so picky here? Because Mary Hudson is an evangelist trying to preach to us on how to live and believe in God and yet her personal family life doesn’t seem better or worse than anyone else. Christians always love to talk about how God transforms lives and yet I never see anything special about Christians compared to other people I know. I do know of some very charismatic and optimistic Christians, but I also know the same of nonChristians. People who seem to be transformed are usually unique individuals and the gospel has no claim on that uniqueness. People are people. God doesn’t make a difference except providing fuel for the nuttiness of fanatics.

From Mary and Keith Hudson’s About Us page: “Satan: Is a real angelic being with a will and personality; is a liar, deceiver, thief, murderer and destroyer; and is the god of this world and has authority over all who reject Jesus, the King of Glory.”

So how would we be able to distinguish who Satan has control over and who he doesn’t? Again, this is why I am nitpicking. If Satan has authority over me then am I responsible for my actions? I guess not. That makes Mary Hudson’s sins and personal failures even worse because she is not under Satan’s authority. She screwed up all on her own.

Mary Hudson has nothing to be ashamed or to even include in a book about how Katy has impacted her Pentecostal ministry. Katy is a famous daughter rebelling against her upbringing (yes, it worked real well to prohibit secular music in their household). From a Christian marketing viewpoint, hey, Mary will sell quite a few copies. BUT I think the interviews promoting the book are going to be awkward and somewhat embarrassing. Is this really what Mary Hudson wants to do? Make her personal problems with her daughter public just like every other celeb-exploiting mom. I would propose that she keeps her mouth shut and just focuses on the Bible and her version of the gospel. It will be be better for her religion and for her family.

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