Katy Perry’s Mom Says Put Some Clothes On

Well, in a manner of speaking, Mary Perry Hudson says she wants her daughter to put some clothes on. Per a fluff piece on Fox News, “No mother wants to see the top of her daughter’s boobs,” was what Mother Hudson wrote as part of her pitch on a book about her daughter. A book that even Fox says along with Tori Spelling’s mom, “…are both trying to cash in with tell-all biographies on their famous daughters.”

I can understand if I were a father I would not want to see my daughter’s cleavage. It would be awkward and uncomfortable and that is unfortunately just a part of being a father of a sexy daughter. But what do mothers care about a little cleavage? Sure, the natural instinct is to protect their daughters from harm brought in the form of slobbery men, but is Katy so meek that she needs protection? I think Katy Perry has body guards to take care of beating those types of intrusive men to a bloody pulp.

So far, I still don’t find anything offensive about Katy Perry–maybe annoying at times, but not offensive. She’s done some sexy poses, sang some sexy songs and married Russell Brand–who definitely has had some issues that are more dire than Katy’s including sexual abuse and drug abuse. What I continue to take offense at is Mary Hudson wanting to air her family’s dirty laundry in front of everyone in a tell-all book with the excuse that it will help other mothers and promote the gospel. Bull! She wants a best selling book which would go along way to funding her ministry and giving her new public speaking forums. Mary, much like her daughter, is looking for fame and power. Once the book is published, I expect to see her multiple times on Fox News Channel.

Here’s some harmless Katy Perry cleavage shots with a final shot of what is an appropriate reaction to all the hype. Even with the cleavage, Katy always seems to have style, a classy dresser inspired by a variety of time periods in fashion. What’s my point? Well, that I can do a fluff piece just like Fox if you really want to know.

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