Kevin Smith Takes on Fundies in ‘Red State’

A horror movie about a crazed fundamentalist preacher, you say? I’m there in the ticket line already. Yes, Christians will cry foul over Kevin Smith’s upcoming Red State, but we know that amongst our favorite villains are fundies–this includes mainstream Christians who can’t stand their fundie counterparts. The only other villain that should become standard fare are Catholic priests, and I’m sorry, with the news of child molestations for the past five years they are on par with Freddy Krueger.

I am personally not a Kevin Smith devotee, though, I have always liked him for his dedication to the comicbook artform. Clerks is a great movie because it was made on a B/W budget and somehow that made it better. I can’t quite explain it. Many Freethunkers liked Dogma, and honestly, I will have to watch it again as I didn’t care much for it the first time around (maybe I was in a mood).

The overall plot to Red State is “a group of misfits encounter fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America” according to John Goodman stars, but no word yet on who he plays. It would almost be too easy if he was the fundie, and if he is then hopefully he will bring a new spin to it. The scary part about some fundies, to me at least, is how normal they are…then before you know it they are shooting up an abortion clinic and locking your gay son in the closet until he promises to become straight. says that the fundamentalist character in Red State is based on Pastor Fred Phelps, the gay hater and all around nut. If you don’t know who Fred is then you’ll have to look him up as I am not going to give his infamous hate site yet another link. Needless to say, Fred will consider inspiring a horror movie character a compliment. The only way to offend his ego is to ignore him and that is literally impossible as I am now hypocritically making reference to him. News is news and he inserts himself in it. Possibly the only satisfaction I gain from Fred is that he has done more damage for his cause than help it. Christians, even if they disapprove of gays, do not want to be associated with him and may even befriend their gay friends and neighbors to show they are not engaged in hate (maybe it’s not hate, but Biblical judgment can be kind of annoying).

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