Kevin Sorbo Hosts 12 Biggest Lies

Has anyone heard about this? I was perusing the site and saw a banner ad featuring Kevin Sorbo hosting a documentary called the “12 Biggest Lies.” The ad itself says: “Men and Women are Equal” with “Lie” stamped onto it. Really? Kevin Sorbo is hosting this?

Well, maybe we shouldn’t pre-judge. Maybe this is an advertising gimmick.  Wait…a list of names involved in the project, one of which includes Ray Comfort? Okay, something is wrong here.

If you don’t know, Ray Comfort is the New Zealand nut who thought a banana proved God’s perfect design. He shared duties with Kirk Cameron on Way of the Master which set out to convince people they were all liars or had some sinful defect that required God’s salvation. Why is Kevin Sorbo involved in this project? He’s slated to slash up bodies in the long awaited  Sword and the Sorcerer sequel called Tales of the Ancient Empire. Per quoting director Albert Pyun, “It’s got a sexy sorceress, hordes of demonic vampires, a giant serpent, sea pirates, nasty sword (and axe, spear, leg of cow) fights and gore and nudity galore.”

I posted the YouTube trailer for this DVD below. One YouTube viewer commented: “You’ve made me sad Hercules…. truly sad, I used to love you. Now you’re propagating ignorant bullshit.”

Kevin Sorbo seems to be somewhat ambiguous on why he is involved in this project.  He answered why he wanted to do 12 Biggest Lies in an article on and says, “I’m just doing my part to help create a free-thought zone and give the other side a voice.”  So is Kull the Conquerer actually a Christian or is he looking for attention? If he’s getting into bed with Cloud Ten Pictures there has to be more to this story than promoting freethought. C’mon Sorbo, the other side has a huge voice and plenty of money to back it up.

I finally found an interview where Kevin Sorbo answered point-blank that he was a Christian. It’s from 2003 on the Kevin Sorbo Official Site.

It’s hard to reconcile with his career. I expect religious Hollywood types, but not in the conservative, literalist vein. Just the other day I watched Kevin Sorbo on Two and a Half Men playing a himbo which is completely offensive to traditional Christians. On one hand, I can understand being in an industry where you work and have to accept some evil–such as selling products at a large commercial store where the garments may have come from sweat shops or a feminist starring in a TV role as a dumb blonde bimbo. Compromises have to be made because the world is imperfect, but a Christian in Hollywood has to be somewhat particular about what they lend their name to and while Hercules was fairly clean except for the scantily clad women–Two and a Half Men? The Sword and the Sorcerer sequel?

By hosting the 12 Biggest Lies, Sorbo is slapping his name on a questionable  product or we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  Besides Men and Women not being equal (my view is that we’re equal but different as I think most people believe in modern times) according to the trailer Evolution is a lie too (what else is new amongst American fundamentalists). If Sorbo wants to promote freethought he should host a documentary with debate from both sides. This project is obviously intended to sell to a Christian audience in order to try to convert their friends and relatives. If I find out that Lucy Lawless is a fundie too I’m going to be very depressed.

23 thoughts on “Kevin Sorbo Hosts 12 Biggest Lies

  1. So, if you consider it acceptable to classify Christian film and debate as “crap”, it must be acceptable to you for Christians to consider non-Christian films and debate as “crap” as well, right? Or does fairness not count in your eyes? Just wondering. As well, there have been so many documentaries put out there that give a very biased view in favor of non-Christian based “facts” that are never called unfair or “crap” by Christians. Everyone is entitled to believe and watch what they choose. So, for the sake of friendly discourse and friendly disagreement, let’s keep our standards of “friendly discussion and differing opinion” a little higher. Calling the beliefs of anyone who disagrees with your views of what is quality or truth “crap” is just wrong.

  2. Of course fairness counts. Of course people can call “non-Christian” films “crap”. Just as everyone is entitled to believe and watch what they choose they are also entitled to an opinion. I’ve heard movie critics give harsher reviews than “crap” and no one would care. Just because there’s a religious aspect attached suddenly everyone gets their panties in a bunch. Besides, if you had watched this documentary you would learn that your position that everyone is entitled to believe and watch what we choose is considered by these Christians as a “lie of postmodern society”.

    As this “documentary” claims, “truth is just telling it like it is.” So in those terms this movie is simply religious propaganda. And in my opinion… the logic in this “documentary” really is crap.

  3. Just finished watching it and to me it held very little depth and didn’t hold my interest very long. That was just my experience as I watched it. However I have also imagined myself to have intense feelings of discomfort surrounding christianity. These opinions and judgments appear to be leaving my experience.
    However one thing that raised a bullshit flag for me in the movie was that reality was out there and I was separate from my experience, God is something that I am not an entity that is outside of me.

    I have imagined this movie to be just another conventional approach focusing exclusively on the world that appears to be outside and the subsequent appearance of judgments beliefs educated and uneducated perspectives and that there is a separate concrete reality that is beyond what I can perceive with my senses.
    I have experienced it as becoming more clear in the field of Quantum Physics that there is no way to prove that there is a world out there. It seems futile to continue holding the belief and or perception that there is and therefore no reality outside of my ability to observe. Which removes there being any one truth other than the answer to who am I.
    In saying that it could be said that there is not just 12 Lies, but millions and millions or billions. Then there is only one question,, or process and that is finding out who I am by finding out who I am not!!
    Donkey Chasing the carrot.

  4. This movie is nothing but US Christian right wing propaganda. There are no independent reviews of this film. I have searched and searched before I even found this site. I have never seen a more ignorant, one sided perception of “reality” than in this film. If you are white supremacist, you will love this film. Otherwise, don’t waste your time or money.

  5. Interesting enough… As the Apostle Paul said… even if the gospel is propigated out of selfishness- still the gospel is revealed! I also think the Lord used Balaam to speak truth.

    Perhaps the problem is just, we put God in a box.

    The same is true with Samuel Jackson audioing the voice of God in the audio series- ‘The Bible Experience’.

    Imperfect and even opposing sided people and all kinds of people can support the Bible surely. It is a documentary on truth… And the sellability perhaps is more scary than the reason for distributing it with a large name.

    Perhaps also if some of you watched the movie itself… you will find your very statements about opposing ‘This Crap’ highly immature. It is like arguing with logic saying… I do not care to reason with reason… rather… I hate you. Or if you do have substantiated arguments, can it be shared with an attitude of unhatefulness? Perhaps that is your greateszt challenge as you try and hide you emotional and attitude of personal conviction.

    God bless and thanks for a voice in this forum.

  6. Wow. I used to be such a huge Kevin Sorbo fan. Now I feel sorta ashamed of him and for him. What a pile of absolute crap. The scariest part is that no one in this movie seems to realize how they are contradicting themselves by using arguements that are laughably easy to turn against their own theories. However, I will point out that you can be an atheist and not a liberal. In most of my beliefs I am more of a conservative.

  7. The movie does make some valid points, such as Islam not being a religion of peace, but fails to mention that neither is Christianity. At least atheists will concede when believers may have a point. I have personally never encountered the opposite to be true.

  8. I personally am both a Christian and a woman, and I myself am very offended at “Lie #4”. The Bible actually states that both men and women are made in God’s image…though the Bible says men and women have different roles to play in marriage, it does not actually support the view that says that God created the world for men to do whatever they want and their wives be as their submissive inferiors…while it does talk of wives submitting to their husbands, it also mentions husbands laying down their lives just like Christ laid down His life…so we’re actually talking about mutual deference and not about one member of the marriage “lording” it over the other.

    BTW above poster “Witch”, Christianity taken straight from the Bible is actually pacifist to the core….history says no records were found of Christians being soldiers in any war from the New Testament era up until about the time of Constantine (around the time of the formation of the Roman Catholic Church). I myself am a pacifist.

  9. I think the one whose “panties are in a bunch” is the author of this piece or we wouldn’t even have this webpage to begin with. It’s really quite simple. Jesus’ disciples try to share the door to eternal life. From there we all have the choice.

  10. I am in total agreement with you Danille M.
    Mena dns woman are euqal, woman are of no lesser value than men.
    As husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church, and gave his life for her.
    Yes we are fdifferent and have different roles, but we are not less than a man.
    In fact we are made of his bone, he was made of dirt.

  11. I would argue for anyone’s right to voice their opinion, and that includes religions, however, please don’t advertise this as any kind of fact based documentary when in reality it’s nothing more than religious dogma. I ordered this “on demand” with my cable provider because the trailer advertised it as fact based. I complained to my cable provider and am demanding a refund. I have total respect for freedom of religion, however, I also believe that if you can’t promote your opinions honestly and have to resort to trickery, you might want to rethink your opinions. Very right wing Christians will enjoy this film, everyone else will be offended. It surely won’t change anyones mind in favor of Christianity.

  12. I had the same experience,Debbie. The description of the movie was totally deceptive: “Follow Kevin Sorbo as he introduces some of the Worlds Leading scientists, historians, theologians, philosophers and authors as they tackle the world’s 12 biggest lies”.
    I got 10 minutes into it and quickly realized that the so-called “world’s leading experts” were ALL associated with religion/christianity.
    I called my cable company and was told they have nothing to do with what is shown, including the description. I asked for–and got–a credit because I didn’t want the makers of this garbage to receive a penny for it. I even told her it wasn’t the money per se and that she could credit a different movie, if that’s what it took.

  13. Reading your reviews, both for and against, would lead me to believe whether you agree or disagree with the movie, “The 12 Biggest Lies”, that the producers of said movie have accomplished what they set out to do (and anyone that makes a documentary would agree). The purpose of any documentary, whether true, false, liberal, conservative, right wing, left wing or representative of any side of an opposing view is to get people to react and then act, starting with communication.

    If the producers actually achieve in getting one member of the opposing side to doubt his position on any one point then he has not only accomplished his goal but has improved his own position and weakened the opposing position.

    Any reaction of emotional outrage expressed or perceived as anger or hatred paints the opposing side as fanatical, such as with the use of names that present the bearer as outside of the norm or the use of profanity (which is against the law and a chargeable offese considered a public nuisance). In this case, the producers have presented a film which is viewed in public without using profanity or vulgar lanuage nor has it described itself as being outside of the norm in terms which convey any sort of rebellion.


  14. Hit enter too soon – Woman has a vagina, breasts, nurses young – Man has penis – tendency to be more muscular and greater physical strength. Woman have greater ability to handle pain and greater stamina. Woman – more emotional and sympathetic. Man more logical. These are all general rules. And any exception – only proves the rule. This is not to say – under our Constitution, all people have the same opportunity but only hindered by their personal ability.

    Things different are not equal.

    There is absolute truth is a lie? You mean 2+2 equals 4 only on occasion? The problem is with you people is that you have the idea that you have mastered all the understanding in the universe, and that ‘there can’t be a god, or truth or anything like that”.

    It is quite presumptuous on your part: even if you know 50% of all that is knowable, you still don’t know a lot – therefore to assume that the statements of Sorbo are wrong, is shoddy.

    How does he know? Maybe he is smarter. That is the unthinkable to your ilk. You assume you are all “brilliant” minds. Another proof of your arrogance.

  15. 2+2=4 is not absolute truth to God otherwise he is subject to it and not all powerful. It’s empirical truth though as you can count it out. God is not about absolute truth. 1+1+1=1 according to Christianity (three persons are one, yeah, makes a lot of sense concerning absolute truth). Bad example to use when comparing math to moral absolutes and in relation to lies. The math lie in Christianity is that God makes 2+2 equal whatever he wants which then makes the equation not absolute thus destroying the idea of absolute truth.

    Absolute truth is thrown around by Christians when it is convenient but if the Bible breaks the natural order of things then it is a “miracle.”

    I actually agree that women are different but equal the question for the Christian side is it like “Animal Farm”? Some are more equal than others… Because women have it better because of secularization and the idea that they don’t just have to have babies. They usurp their god-given biology (including Christian women) with medical science such as birth control.

    “Us people” have not mastered much of anything yet. That’s the point. You insist on absolute truth and you tell others they know it all. Absolute truth indicates you know it all. Think about that for a moment? How do you know what is absolute truth? Oh, right, “the Bible tells me so.”

    I own 12 Lies and have watched it. It is one-sided a mixture of truth and lies and gray areas. But the one thing we can agree on is that it is a great marketing strategy. Dumb it down to a statement like “The 12 Biggest Lies” and you have an easy product to sell. It’s what you often see in the titles of political books.

    I still like Kevin Sorbo! Just think he should stay away from Ray Comfort.

  16. Sorbo can hang with anyone he wants. Many of us who choose Jesus Christ went through a long time of decision and that’s the way it is with Christianity. Islam doesn’t allow choice and modern atheism won’t even entertain anything else; they claim absolute knowledge that there is no one in the universe with absolute knowledge (Ravi Zacharias). Following Christ has little to do with His followers, but really just Him. If you’re thinking Christianity is stupid because of things His followers do, well, at least we know that everyone is an idiot in their own right. But Jesus Himself never belittles or injures, and holds you to be responsible for your own actions. You won’t find that in any other faith.

  17. The more I learn about Kevin Sorbo, the more I like him. He seems to have it more together than his Hollywood counterparts. He has overcome a lot and will continue to, as liberal Hollywood fights against what morals are left in the world. As for Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, they are truthful and won’t give in to what they know is wrong. They know that what is right isn’t popular, but they still do it.

  18. I admit I used to love Kevin Sorbo and yes, his personal life (or is it just an act for the public) has changed my viewpoint about him but I also know he needs to make a living – it shouldn’t matter what his intentions were with this 12 Biggest Lies gig but it does bring questions to peoples minds. I have accepted that NO ONE knows who the real Kevin Sorbo is cause although what he appears in public with his fans and people he works with does NOT mean that is who he is in private. He’s an ACTOR and it’s his job. Lets just enjoy his work or let it go or are we all that hard up for strife and pain in this world that we can’t find peace in knowing we are all different and should embrace those differences.

  19. Kevin Sorbo can lend his name to, or even participant in, whatever he wants to. Does he have to ask permission from us? I am not interested in watching the film because it doesn’t appeal to me, but I am sure it will appeal to many other people. I wish him all the very best!

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  21. I have always liked Kevin Sorbo in whatever he has been in. Though I did not go along with how the movie God is not dead proceeded, I still liked it as entertainment, not taking it personal in anyway toward my evolutionary way of thinking. Certainly the whole point is that Kevin has a right to think and work the way he wants. For anyone to say God will judge him for his work is not the point. I thought the whole point to scripture and faith, was the belief in Jesus Christ. For Christians that is what gets them saved! There are just as many views on what and who Jesus was, as there are ideas on what is clean living. So who can really say?

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