Killer Storks and Other MSNBC Stuff

Originally I was searching for Keith Olbermann’s runner up for worst person for today’s air date of  12/8/2010 which was a Messianic jeweler who was having a half off sale before the second coming.  Putting aside that stupidity, MSNBC does have a story on giant storks with the teaser headline of  “Giant storks may have fed on real-life hobbits.” I say teaser because at the end of the article the author admits there is no actual evidence that these storks ate hobbits or that hobbits ate them.

The hobbits were referring to of course are not from Lord of the Rings, but are bones found of pygmies on the Indonesian island of Flores. On that same island, scientists have discovered bird fossils that stood 6 feet tall. Because there were no large mammalian predators on the island, apparently storks swooped in to fill the role. No word on whether they brought giant babies with them (you know that joke had to be made!).

“The carnivorous giant (Leptoptilos robustus) was a hitherto unknown species of marabou stork, among the largest birds alive on the planet,” reports the article. The scientists studying the remains did suggest it was possible that these storks were big enough to feed on the tiny humans so some evidence might emerge. I would guess that the pygamies may have just been able to throw a rock at the birds and scare them off. They may be big, but storks just don’t sound very scary.

What’s scarier is Flores other inhabitant, the Komodo dragon. This reptile could have made lunch out of hobbits easily. Still, the Sy Fy Channel may come out with one of it’s B-movies for a Saturday afternoon–“Attack of the Killer Storks.” I, admittedly, may be tempted to watch such a movie as I just rented Night of the Lepus. Yes, I’m sucker for a bad movie.

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