Kirk Cameron Proves His Homophobic Views are Outdated

Even Christians are becoming accepting of the Gay community, or at least the moderate believers who stress Biblical context over literalism. Not everything said in the Bible has to be applicable to modern times. Kirk Cameron, however, is showing how out of step he is with the times. He represents a dying bigotry, a nostalgia for an easier period of black and white like his sitcom where everything is wrapped up neatly in a half hour show. Life is much more complicated and we keep finding that homosexuality is not unnatural (it’s all over nature) and that gays can live alongside straights with no real issues (even, gasp! in the military).

So poor Kirk got a media backlash when his comments on Piers Morgan and other venues were highlighted this week due to a Prop 8 courtroom play featuring well known actors like Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Prop 8, of course, was about stopping gay marriage, heavily funded by The Mormon Church I might add. Now his former Growing Pains costars are speaking out (I don’t see a TV reunion special any time soon). Tracey Goldman has come out in support of the LGBT community. Alan Thicke, that big ham, made a sarcastic comment about how The Old Testament can’t explain everything. And as far as the remaining cast? Well, probably no one cares as most of the articles began quoting more famous sitcom stars like Roseanne and Debra Messing.

I’m sure Kirk will consider the backlash a badge of honor as conservative Christians always stress how persecuted they are. Were his comments really that controversial? No, they were the usual standbys about homosexuality being unnatural and “I think that it’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” I would like Christians to start backing up the unnatural part as, again, it is found in nature. I would think the better argument would be that homosexuality is “natural” and therefore to be suspect due to the desires of the flesh, including the sinful animals in the wild. To say that it is destructive due to the foundations of civilization–that’s quite an exaggeration considering that homosexuality is found throughout history and past civilizations that did not fall due to gay people. As usual, history is much more complicated.

Christians still claim that we are in a decaying society and yet, even in the worst of times (like this crappy economy) we continue to progress. The world will not end because gay people marry. The very idea that such an act is that monumental is ludicrous. More likely it will be that gay couples will add to our diversity and the worst, most appalling thing you have to get over is two men sucking each other’s dicks. Really? Straight women have been sucking dick for thousands of years…and they’re no less human or unnatural for doing it (though it can be messy).

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