Kissing Priests Ad Banned

Antonio Federici Ice Cream in the UK sure likes to push the buttons of the censors.Its advertisement of two priests kissing with the tagline “We Believe in Salivation” stirred up the wrath of the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency), a government agency that sets standards for pushing commercial products. According to The Freethinker, The NSS (National Secular Society) has accused the ASA of “reintroducing the blasphemy law.”

This isn’t the first time Antonio Federici has parodied religion in order to sell its sinful flavors and it is interesting to see this free speech battle being fought by an ice cream company. I posted earlier about their ad featuring a pregnant nun scooping ice cream with the title “Immaculately Conceived.” Obviously tweaking the noses of the government watchdogs is good for publicity in England.

While I’m straight, you have to admit the ad is rather erotic and interracial on top of the obvious blasphemy of two priests smooching. Too bad I’m lactose intolerant because I would be happy to throw my money their way for the product…that is, if it was sold in the US.

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