‘Left Behind’ Won’t Be Left Behind – Remake in Progress

Of all the films you would anticipate might be remade for a buck, would it be the original Kirk Cameron vehicle Left Behind? And I thought the Friday the 13 reboot was pointless (did have some great nudity and violence, but not much else). Are Christians going to follow the business model set by Hollywood?

Remakes are about money because a studio doesn’t have enough confidence that an original storyline will catch the attention of audiences. Any new film ideas are always a gamble. Obviously there is an invested interest in the Left Behind series amongst Christian entertainment enthusiasts, enough so that Cloud Ten Pictures is announcing a full blockbuster version of the first story. According to ChristianCinema.com, Cloud Ten now officially has bought the rights to move forward with this project and plans on a big budget theatrical release.

This may be bigger than the actual coming of Christ! I visited the Cloud Ten site and read the press release, but no word on who is scheduled to star in this opus. I can guarantee that Kevin Sorbo, due to his new interest in working in Christian inspired films, will be considered. Certainly, he would be preferable to Cameron but I think it would be a hell of a lot more interesting to see Bruce Willis in the role.

Cloud Ten Pictures is ramping up to be a major competitor for a niche market that eventually the big boys will want a piece of–unfortunately, Hollywood has a hard time understanding the Christian mentality so the best they can do is create fantasy pictures based on Christian and Greek mythology. Most likely, as Cloud Ten gets bigger they will make some deals with the Hollywood devils to get more exposure which equals more power and will see some falls from grace. It should be interesting to watch.

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