Lord Rama Causes 2000 Deaths

From CNN.com, a holy site has been divided amongst 3 religions–Hinduism, Islam and a local sect called Nirmohi Akhara (well, sort of a religion, apparently it still falls within Hinduism). The place is called Ayodha. In 1992 Hindu extremists tore down the mosque, a scene which erupted in violent religious rioting. The end result was 2000 deaths. All this because supposedly Lord Rama was born on the site.

Indian authorities are trying to resolve the situation by a compromise which leads me to believe that violence will bubble up again. However, thus far, everyone has behaved which is very admirable. The three religions have been give 3 months to come up with which sections of property they want. The presiding judges, while settling on a reasonable solution to the problem, could not decide on whether or not Lord Rama was born at Ayodha. I’m not up on my Hindu deities, as they are seem too numerous to count, but Lord Rama is said to be the seventh avatar of Vishnu and a mythological king that lived in 1450 BC. They say he was/is the “perfect man” who was married to Sita, the “perfect woman.” Per Wiki Rama  “…is revered for his unending compassion, courage and devotion to religious values and duty.”

I guess the perfect man is worth fighting over, though, shouldn’t it be women battling it out?

SIDENOTE: The Indian government has temporarily banned bulk text messaging because of concerns that it might invoke rioting. While I applaud the efforts to keep peace, it concerns me that a government could do this.

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