Marcus Lamb – Daystar’s Cheating Bastard

This video should make you hurl, whether you’re Christian, Atheist, Agnostic or an alien from another planet.Not for the reason that some marriages experience infidelity and survive, but the presentation of the affair to Daystar television viewers. Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb are co-founders of Daystar Christian Broadcasting. Was it because Marcus was truly repentant of his affair and the couple wanted to come clean to their viewers that their marriage is not so “family values” perfect? Or is it because a lawsuit and additional allegations were going to bring the affair into public view?

In other words, there’s more to the story than just Marcus cheating on his wife. According to The Christian Post, the former director of marketing Jeanette Hawkins says, “…she was pressured to participate in the cover-up of an extramarital affair between Lamb and another employee.” This statement will be part of a lawsuit against Daystar, one that was filed a day after the Lamb’s announcement. Nice timing. Oh, and did we mention that Marcus Lamb wasn’t just fucking some woman on the side, she was an employee of Daystar. And this goes back to 2007!

Personally, it’s none of my business what husband is screwing what mistress–except when that business is in the morals business. Daystar runs on supposed “Family Christian Values.” That’s why I don’t feel bad about calling them out on it and just reaffirming that nothing has changed with televangelism. It’s corrupt and I don’t understand who these Christians are that keep supporting it with their donations. Every Christian I seem to run into is critical of Christian Broadcasting. Daystar doesn’t seem to have as bad of a reputation as TBN, but this should start opening some eyes.

 The Daystar site contains a press release with the following statement: “Joni and Marcus chose to reveal their story — not to excuse a sin, but rather to celebrate the victory of God’s grace and redemptive purpose in their lives.” So as usual, God is glorified somehow in all of this process. Maybe God wanted Marcus to screw another woman besides his wife? Just like God shows his glory by giving people tumors and fatal illnesses.

No where do I see that Marcus plans to step down from a position of leadership and this is where I see a lack of repentance. Certainly he is free to collect revenue from his tax exempt venture, but once you cross that line of hypocrisy–then please disappear. You are no longer qualified to teach us about moral living and I don’t see how you can separate morals from Christian teaching because that’s what Christianity dwells on. Maybe Christians feel differently as I am an atheist and that all this redemption is great stuff. I think it’s just to cover up a sleazy broadcasting business and we just got a peek behind the scenes.

Also,what the hell is with Marcus Lamb’s grin–it looks like a dentist implanted something to keep the smile in place. Fake as all hell. Do not trust this guy, and Christians, we may not agree on The Bible or Christian Theology but I am not lumping all of you in with this guy. Clean your own house, though, and take this guy to task.

18 thoughts on “Marcus Lamb – Daystar’s Cheating Bastard

  1. Hey,
    I am a Christian. I do not watch TBN or daystar because the Lord told me not to. They push peddlers and con men and women. The Lord is bringing this to light as He is cleaning house.

    As for you, you need a savior for your sins. If you do not get right with God, you will spend forever in the lake of fire.

    It’s your choice, but the Lord is good. He is merciful. The mercy He is showing now is exposing these hypocrites. He is glorified when He does this. He is righteous.

    I think Marcus repented for his affair, but he still pushes greedy preachers who twist the word of God for profit. This is adultery as well, spiritual adultery.

    Good day.

  2. Dear Administrator:

    I hear you loud and clear and you have a good point. I was once a atheist like you and had a problem with hypocrites and greedy, money hungry tele-evangelism before I found Christ and even today, now that I do support the local church. You sound intelligent and I am not in the business of condemning people who are non-believers. We will all stand accountable before God, all of us, and God will be the One who is the Judge and has the last word on our destiny. In the name of logic, reason and wisdom, I wish to make the following points to you, to seriously consider;

    1. While I agree with you completely hypocrisy is to be condemned, are you going to let a hypocrite on television or in the church keep you from going to heaven?
    (i.e. using the excuse of any hypocrite to skirt your responsibility to turn from your sins and turn to Christ in order for you to go heaven, won’t fly, per God)

    2. Do you not agree with the fact their are hypocrites everywhere in every profession, including the medical field (quacks) the legal field (ambulance chasers) the automotive sales field (lying Used Car sales people), etc? Are you going to let a “Quack Doctor” keep you from going to hospital when you are having a heart attack or any health problem? I should hope not! Why would you let a “Quack Christian” keep you for going to heaven? Don’t you know God sees through their “Quack Christianity” and will not let them in heaven? But, don’t think for a moment, God is going to give you a free pass just because you pointed that most obvious truth out to Him? Don’t you know God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, knows about that?

    3. You say you are an Atheist? What if you are wrong? Are you willing to spend eternity to hell for your supposed philosophical speculations based on your vain hope their is no God? It takes more faith to disbelieve the obvious (i.e. that God is indeed very real) than not.

    4. Lastly, I want challenge you to do something. You proudly say you are an “Atheist” well then. If you truly are, then I would suppose you are quite settled in your unbelief and have no fear of dying, is that correct? Are you absolutely sure, without a shadow of doubt your assumptions there is no God is correct? I doubt it. Matter of fact, I doubt you would start taking up a very hazardous sport like sky-dying to prove it. I mean, after all, what do you have to lose? There is no God, right? There is an old saying, “there are no atheists in foxholes” while the bullets are flying by. It’s funny, people, like yourself, will boast about being “an atheist” but in a “life and death situation” like jet air plane going down, they will start crying out to God, “O God help us!” Wait, I thought they said they were atheists?

    I want to dare you to do something. If you are SO convinced you are right, I challenge and dare you to do two things;

    1. Read the Gospel of John in the New Testament. Won’t take long. Read every word.
    2. Ask the God you say, “doesn’t exist” to reveal Himself to you, IF He is real.

    I bet you won’t do it. You know why? Because you are scared you will be proved wrong. Absolute truth is NOT relative or subjective, but objective. (water will always freeze at 32 degrees, boil at 132, law of gravity is real). You cannot change the truth of things no matter how much you try and DENY it. Try it, and you will see. Truth is absolute and you are NOT changing it by your disbelief. You can’t “think” God away. He is your Creator and Judge. You can’t hide behind a hypocrite or your philosophy either.You will condemn yourself by your refusal to submit yourself to Him.He will not condemn you.

    Good News, the Bible says, God loves you, sent Christ to die in your place. Apart from Christ, we are all under the sentence of spiritual condemnation, separated from God.If we die in this state, we go into eternity, lost, in hell forever. Christ died in your place to pay the penalty for your sin. But, if you persist in your denial of God and sin, you will pay for your own sins in hell.

    Is this what you really want? You sound like an intelligent person. The Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.”

    I dare you, read the Gospel of John, ask God, “God, I don’t believe You exist, if You are really for real, reveal Yourself to me.”

    My friend, many former atheists have become dedicated, non-hypocritical Christians. Professor C.S. Lewis, of Oxford. Check out Josh McDowell’s book, “Evidence That Demands a Verdict.”

    I pray God will reveal Himself to you, like He did me. I was once an atheist like you, so I know what I am talking about. When God opened my eyes, I could not deny the truth any longer. Neither can you. Remember, God loves you, but you have to receive His love. It’s a gift we receive by faith, it’s Christ. God bless you.

  3. Hey, you know, we have something in common. While you were once an atheist like me (though kind of doubt it with all the cliche arguments) I was once a Christian like you (embracing all the cliche arguments). I’ve been through all of this before, there’s nothing new “under the sun” that I haven’t heard before here and, in fact, have commented on such the groaningly tired arguments as Atheists in Foxholes (Christians pray instead of fight, Atheists realize they have to fight or die and can’t waste time praying). Do Christians ever realize there are atheist military veterans? You think all sky divers are Christians?

    For every author you give me, I can give you an atheist one. If we’re talking classics like C.S. Lewis, I’d refer you to start with Bertrand Russell. Want something newer, a little more abrasive? Richard Dawkins.

    The Bible may call me a fool because you and the person writing for God can’t understand Atheists , but the Bible says you are one too (per the Apostle Paul) because others who are not Christians do not understand you. I’d say we’re foolishly even based on perception alone.

    If you think Christianity saves you from hell, think again. What if you’re wrong and you got the wrong religion–you just end up in some other God’s idea of Hell. What if Christians are wasting their time on earth and there is no afterlife? We’re almost on the same footing , but I’m basing my conclusions on that there is no verifiable evidence for Hell or God. Some Christians don’t believe in Hell and back it up with the Bible too. I can’t be fearful of everyone’s idea of the afterlife.

    I’ve read all of the Gospels several times. God becomes less apparent when you see the problems meshing together the Gospel story as The Gospels have contradictions:

    I absolutely have a fear of dying, I just don’t fear death. Death is the end of suffering and pain. Dying is suffering and pain. If I’m suffering in pain with no chance of healing, I welcome death.

    Lastly, I do not condemn you either as I have no reason to do so for any believer–though I think you’re wrong! But I do condemn the people who commit fraud using God and unfortunately religion can make suckers out of people in vast numbers–somebody is paying the bills of TBN and Daystar and similar ministries to the tune of millions of dollars. The difference between you and me is I think these fraudsters will get away with it here on earth while you speculate that they’ll have to account for themselves before God. What if God doesn’t exist and these jerks spent their whole lives in luxury? Are Christians really do anything against TBN type fraudsters? Seriously, I would love to have some comments on notable Christian leaders with power calling these people out by name on a regular basis–Billy Graham? Franklin Graham? (Billy classics on TBN:, Jesse Jackson (on Popoff exploiting Black people). Do you see this kind of outrageous fraud amongst well known atheists? I can only think of of the questionable tactics of Madalyn O’ Hair but not of the ongoing nonsense with stories like the Lambs. Are there Christians visibly protesting Holy Land run by corrupt TBN dollars. I know there are good Christians, I just think the house cleaning is weak.

  4. The fact of the matter is: Marcus Lamb is the devil in sheeps cloths. I do not care if he had an affair. I do care that he is motivated by money and nothing else.

    this is the word of the the LORD.

  5. Marcus Lamb is a master manipulator. Joni knows where her bread is buttered. She would not leave Marcus and that money machine he runs for all the tea in China. I wish there was a way to find out how much money (Homes, Cars, Kids Income Etc.) that the Lamb’s spend annually. I personnally believe that Daystar would dry up and blow away if the weak sheep that give all their money to the Lamb’s had half a brain and realized they were flushing their money while making the entire Lamb clan filthy filthy filthy rich.

  6. I really wish the true church would come to the realization that Christian television is a business. Give their tithes and offerings to the local church community, and stop making these television personalities rich. They have the benefits of a large audience without the responsibility that comes with authentic pastoring. It has come to my attention in recent years that some of these television evangelists charge admission when they speak outside the television platform. Time after time I read of the oppressive work conditions these organizations inflict on the ones wanting to serve God. It’s deplorable.

  7. basically all I have to say is if you are a Christian supposedly and you bashed Marcus lamb for having an affair then ask yourself this. am I really a Christian. because the definition of Christian is to be Christ like. people will Sin.for the scripture says we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. By you bashing him you are saying that you are better than him and you have never done that. which I say everyone has.because the Word says any man who looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. he also says forgive those because if you do not forgive your father will not forgive you. so why are we bashing someone for being a sinner when in fact we are all sinners saved by the grace of God. so before you judge him ask yourself have you done wrong in the sight of God. I do not condone what he done it is sin and God does not like Sin.but the Word says if you confess your sins one to another god is faithful and just to forgive you of your sins. so even though he has failed as we all do. he was brave enough to tell his followers and his wife what he had done. that takes more of a Christian to do then not do.and it also says what is in darkness once is brought to the light cannot be in dark anymore. so that’s all he did. and anyone who says they have not sinned or they have not had a adultery or they have not done anything wrong. and you are a Christian I have the right to call you a liar. because the word tells us all the things that defiles a man is in the heart. and if you are not a Christian and an atheist why are you watching a Christian network station first of all. is it just so you can bash believers and try to find fault in them. or is it because you are not an atheist but don’t want to admit that you might believe in God.and as to the one that made the comment Marcus is the devil in sheep’s clothing. the actual word says beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing not devil. for there are many Devils but one you can ask yourselves do you forgive him or do I condemn him. because if you condemn you have also Sinned.because you are trying to be God for God is the only one who can judge. we also need to keep our eyes on Jesus because if we SAT around listening to only men and putting our trust in them when they fail we will fail because we judge condemn and accused of being faulty. when in fact we all are even pastor in local churches when or faulty we are the first ones to say were they were wrong. but look at yourself first I have to and I’m not perfect only Christ love him, forgive him, and pray for him. for this is what God wants.and the one who said devil in sheep’s clothing. you said that you said the word of the Lord. and I will say you need to repent for you have been deceived because that is not the word of the Lord. for you said you don’t care if he did have An affair because God never said he didn’t care when we sin. in fact it breaks your heart so for you to say that was the word of the Lord is wrong. and the Bible speaks about those who falsely say thus saith the Lord and in closing what I have to say is first to the Christians. you all should know better for you do believe in the Word of God and have done it. but there is forgiveness if you repent for God forgives us all same with Marcus lamb. and as for the atheist and the non-believers who for some reason follow Christian Post. I will pray for you that God reveal His glory and his love into your life and that you do not take the world and its problems and blame them on God. God bless to all and may the Lord bless and keep you all safe and make his face to shine upon you. AMEN!!!!!!

  8. Hi Admin,

    I enjoyed reading your article. I pray for the Lord to soften your heart and mine. As much as I could jump on this band wagon and totally trash this guy and trust me if he was my pastor I would need him to step down (perm or temp that’s up to the elders and church board), but in the light of the world, christians try to show Jesus the best they can. Even christians hate some of the bigger evangelists b/c they aren’t exactly like them or the doctrine isn’t right or heaven forbid they have a lot of money b/c they are blessed and jealousy and blah blah blah, right?

    I say all this to say… I wonder if Marc felt like he couldn’t get out of his marriage b/c of the show… and then when it came out he realized he didn’t want to get divorced and stop the other relationship. One theory. God, yes brings things to light. Though this man should have had enough character to do it himself. Be humble or be humiliated, it’s your choice. Either way, he should be making it up to his wife and God, not me. 7 years… no I’m pretty sure I would tell him to pound sand. But, I’m human too, and make my own mistakes.

    Take care,

  9. Dear me , I watched day star and find it the best laugh on tele. How anyone believes Mr lamb and his bunch of charlatans, like a group of very poor second hand car salesmen, is beyond me., it’s an insult to ones intelligence but very amusing. If there was such a thing as God I am confident he would smite these money grabbing con men. I wonder if watchdog on the BBC would do a spot on them , talk about rogue traders.

  10. The best things in life are free, but not God apparently, Captain Kirk said it best, excuse me but what does God want with a starship, or money for that matter. Buyers beware God is for sale on day star, roll up roll up.

  11. I am truly puzzled, why aethists take so much interests in Christianity. I have never found myself following their practices and orgies and indulgencies because l am not interested. Y their interest on us? Secondly, guys this is information Age, we know what happens where and we still choose to sponsor the gospel because pple souls are priceless. Its not them who said give, its a principle in the Word. ‘ Give and it shall be given unto you. A good measure pressed down shaken together shall men give to your bossom’ we operate under different principles. After all its our money, we choose to do what we want with it, just like you spend yours on beer, and whatever activities u choose. We give because WE want to, so maybe worry about other things not how we spend OUR money. Thirdly, a christian is not one who does not sin, but one who has chosen, the :)Lord jesus and is born again. Hence he has provision for forgiveness. Study the bible to see what kind of God we serve. Nowhere does it say if a leader messes up, he steps down. Thats a human opinion. Joni was within her rights to divorce Marcus if she wanted to, but she chose to forgive and stay, and someone gets angry! Is that normal. From the beautiful city of Joburg in SouthAfrica, GOD BLESS YOU.

  12. Luke 19 27 bring those enemies of mine who do not want me to rule over them and slay them in front of me. That was the prince of peace saying that. Or how about the great Moses who asked the Levites to go from one side of the camp to other killing everybody. Or how about story in Genesis 34. You know the story where Isaac sons circumsized every male in a Canaanite town in order for the prince of that town to marry Isaac daughter Dinah. They were in pain so Isaac’s sons went into that town and killed the men then took all the gold cattle women and children. There is plenty more morals stories in that wonderful book. Remember Jesus loves you…. Just kidding

  13. Hi; this guy like other televangelists are using the spirit of MANIPULATION to force God’s children to increase their bank accounts. They are heaping up riches for the soon coming Anti-Christ.The saints of God should submit to the Holy Spirit and they would not be trapped by these manipulators who preach another gospel……a Christian…..

  14. As a Christian,I find it funny-As in”AM I A CLOWN???!!!DO I AMUSE YOU???!!!”Joe Pesci in”Goodfellas”funny how Jim Bakker;Jimmy Swaggart;Ted Haggard;Laura Schlesinger and Kim Davis love to scream how”THE LEGBT COMMUNITY’S DESTROYING THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE!!!”yet they’ve all had extramarital affairs themselves!!!
    “ONLY AS COMPETITORS!!”-Eli Wallach;Yul Brynner;Steve McQueen”The Magnificient Seven”.

  15. Every single televangelist I look in to, has an extravagant life style, or an extramarital affair, or both! What’s up with that?

  16. Lots of interesting replies here. When young, I was an “agnostic” of sorts…felt a lot of the ways many here do. As I approach 70…no longer self deluding about being my own little “smarty pants,God self”… and love my Creator-I see the great need for mercy for us all. Yes, there’s lots of phonies out there (Just point our own fingers back @ ourselves) & it is sickening to see hypocricy of any kind. But ultimately-man looks on the outside, but only God sees the inner workings of each one of our hearts. A favorite saying, once said to me in my more “unbelieving” days is: “The heart of man is decietful above ALL things and desperately wicked…WHO CAN KNOW IT?!” Well….God does. Any undealt w/BS will get handled by the good Lord who does deal fairly in all things w/the goal of ..YES… Redemption for all of us. So-in conclusion…it doesn’t matter about any Tom Dick ‘n Harry…what matters is our own hearts. Everybody’s weak…falls short-but God is GOOD…& Loves us so very much in our humanity & foolishness. What a great GIFT! Let’s keep our own hearts right, yield to HIS wonderful JESUS LOVING work inside of our old kooky selves & pray for these people when they fail. Yes-be discerning on who we donate to…but…remember who we are..or as my deceased Mother would always say, “There but for the Grace of God…go I” It’s all @the foot of Cross anyway-…where the transforming work of genuine humility and AMAZING GRACE change our angry tones…. to the sweetest sounds…..

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