Media Burned by Book Burner

Terry Jones has accomplished what he wanted. He threatened to burn the Quran and the media paid attention. Now Mr. Jones is backing off after supposedly making a deal with Muslim leaders to move the location of a mosque away from Ground Zero in New York. And according to what I heard on NPR radio, the deal was a sign from God that he shouldn’t burn the Quran. Really? The same jealous God that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of men, women, children, and animals for worshipping other gods?

This is going to sound unprofessional for a daily news bite (this series is more commentary than news anyways), but Terry Jones is a pussy.

As I stated in the earlier post, I despise book burning, but if you’re going to announce a book burning to decry Muslim violence then what’s the hold up? God isn’t telling you to stop, you just got scared because it all began to blow up in your face. The Bible is full of stories of God-chosen individuals who destroyed false idols and everyone was against them too, but they persisted because God’s religion is not one of popularity and it does not bend to public pressure.

Apparently, Terry Jones’ God does bend to public pressure–therefore, Terry Jones’ God is himself.

He’s also apparently a liar as there is no deal to move the mosque or Muslim Community Center away from Ground Zero in exchange for stopping the book burning. We have to give credit to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf  for humoring this nutball and I’m sure the Imam has better things to do. The fact is, Terry Jones has unwittingly made Christianity look intolerant while Islam is appearing to be tolerant. A pretty good PR stunt that seems to be working in favor of American Muslims.

I continue to insist that American Christian leaders are out for attention and not following any sort of “will of God.” These Christians would have wore sunglasses and bought popcorn while sitting down in the Colosseum to watch their brethren be eaten by the lions.

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  1. The the majority of nerve-racking moments are those in which we think we simply have way too many pieces to focus on

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