Mexican Actor to Build Biggest Pro-Life Clinic in US is reporting that Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui is planning to build the biggest pro-life women’s clinic ever! But not in Mexico, in the United States. This project will be done through the actor’s organization Mantle of Guadalupe. Eduardo is known for the pro-life movie Bella and from his naturally good looks could probably get a woman pregnant just by looking at her (has that smoldering, Hispanic lust about him).  Beware white Protestants and Pope-hating denominational offshoots, Eduardo is a Hispanic Catholic and the announcement was given during a Catholic charity event in Beverly Hills. It’s pro-life competition and they may assist illegals in using tax-payer funded services. Or maybe Eduardo will foot the bill because it’s going to be the “biggest pro-life women’s clinic ever!”

Eduardo Verastegui is quoted as saying “I will not use my talents except to elevate my Christian, pro-life and Hispanic values.” …Isn’t that enough? I would assume he will use his talents to make movies too, plus flirtatious winks to helpless waitresses for better dinner service (am I stereotyping? I just know the Spanish accent, dark eyes and 5 0′ clock shadow drives American women wild).

It’s not quite clear what the pro-life clinic will do or what its focus will be? Providing shelter and support for pregnant women while at the same time protesting abortion? I think providing safe haven and supplies to pregnant mothers who make conscious decisions to keep their babies is fine. But I also know that some clinics have disguised themselves to appear to be abortion providers/counselors. Hopefully this will be a transparent charity. As someone who is pro-choice, I really don’t have a problem with charities like this as long as coercion or trickery is not involved. Some women will not want abortions and that is for them to decide. Providing support for their decision is better than harrassing  pro-choice women’s clinics.

I looked up the movie Bella (2006) since Christian Cinema said it was a pro-life film and it is about a soccer star on his way to a multi-million dollar deal until his plans are interrupted. He meets a waitress in New York and… well, it just says, “…until an impetuous action brings them together and turns an ordinary day into an unforgettable experience.” I immediately think they slept together.

Better go to Wiki. Much clearer in the description there. The waitress named Bella works in a Mexican restaurant in Manhatten and gets fired. Jose, the head chef, talks to her as she leaves and finds out she is pregnant and is considering an abortion. They get to know each other more and secrets are revealed. Doesn’t sound like much happens in the film except a lot of characterization and of course a certain decision is made at the end of the film. The film has received multiple awards including the Toronto International Film Festival’s “People’s Choice Award” and the Tony Bennett Media Excellence Award (there’s a Tony Bennett award?).

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