Michael Shermer, Fashion Model

Notice the hand in pocket? Imagine the photographer giving Shermer directions. "Work it, Shermer! Work it!"

I visited the Skeptic Magazine site at Skeptic.com and there on the homepage is a rotating fashion ad–for stylish Skeptic T-shirts. Who of all people would be posing? Michael Shermer. I think it’s funny and I’m sure he’s not taking himself seriously. However, I’d say he looks good for his age and very academic even with the T-shirt. Shermer is the college professor we all wanted.

The shirts do look pretty nice, not a standard logo on white but a vertical design for adults and a simplified horizontal logo for kids. Comes in a variety of colors as well as hoodies. No real in your face statement which may make this product seem “normal” to wear on the street or to work or dare I say “to church”?

If you’re interested in buying one as a gift or for yourself this is the shop page. I don’t get any commission, I just think it’s a good idea to show support and they’re well designed. …Maybe they’ll send me a free shirt for plugging them. Size large if you’re reading Shermer (I can take a medium but they always shrink in the wash).

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