Morgan Freeman Believes in a Sixth Sense

Morgan Freeman is again hosting Through the Wormhole, now in its second season. It is a series that explores the questions of the universe and the first series was filled with wonder at the possibilities of what Science may find next. It’s highly recommend, but I was reading an article on The Huffington Post that Morgan Freeman believes in a sixth sense. Here’s the quote:

“I think we do,” have a sixth sense, he says. “I think it’s been proven a number of times that, you know, you’re in a crowded room and you look around and you’re looking into someone’s eye and [you know what they’re thinking]. We know that thoughts are energy, they create an energy and they can be directed. You go off into an empty house, you can tell it’s empty before you get there.”

From a skeptical perspective, I don’t think a sixth sense is proven at all. We are good at guessing what someone might be thinking by reading them, their body language or what they say in a conversation. It’s what a mentalist does and we sell ourselves short because I believe we all have some of those abilities. To say that your brain is somehow grabbing on to a thought as if it is energy just floating detached from someone else’s brain? That’s nonsense. Or that we can direct thoughts into someone’s brain? More nonsense. And I thought energy could not be created or destroyed unless there are new findings?  The process of thinking may involve energy as it is a physical process, but the energy itself doesn’t house the idea.

Thoughts do not exist independent of a physical device as far as I’m aware. An idea has to be stored, whether  it is recorded in a brain, written down on a piece of paper or placed on audio or video media. The storage is waiting for the idea to be transferred (you read a book for example) but not through free-floating energy–which is to suggest psychic phenomena or reading minds. You can’t shoot an idea to someone else mentally without talking or communicating in some manner. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Freeman transmit this entire show series to us using his directed thoughts and dispense with airing it on a communication platform called TV (would be pretty cool, huh?)

Freeman’s quote about knowing if a house is empty before entering it, I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about? If this is true, it would help a lot of people out to avoid being attacked by criminals hiding in the dark or women who have been raped thinking no one was in their apartment. We don’t know if a house is empty or not before going in. We’re guessing and most of the time if a house feels empty it is because we don’t hear anyone or see lights on. Again, we’re reading the situation to the best of our knowledge. Statistically speaking, we’re right a large percentage of the time.

Freeman is involved with an incredibly unique series. Is there something I’m missing on thought energy or the science thereof? I’m sure there is, I’m no expert.  I just don’t think it’s the old mysticism of a sixth sense.

The second series is taking on subjects not usually presented as something for science enthusiasts such as The AfterLife. Is there a soul, an energy that survives the body? The trailer suggests that the series has run out of ideas concerning real wonders of science and therefore is going into pseudoscience. I hope that’s not the case.

SIDENOTE: I know my evalution of thoughts and energy is very crude and I’m sure someone with a scientific background, even a philosophy background, could do a better job. But I think it’s rather simple. An idea is recorded, it doesn’t float freely as a thing in of itself out in space waiting to transfer into someone’s head. An idea can actually be lost because of this.

SIDENOTE 2: I admittedly did not see every episode of Season One. Maybe they were already going into a direction of pseudoscience and I missed the episode that did it? I will have to pick up the series and rewatch it.

2 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Believes in a Sixth Sense

  1. While I’m certainly a skeptic of any ‘supernatural’ sense, I do think what is commonly called a ‘sixth sense’ is more our intuition offering insights our conscious mind isn’t picking up. If there are a thousand subtle cues that a house isn’t being lived in, one can honestly say you ‘feel’ that without wholly knowing why.

    While Mr. Freeman attributes it to a vaguely supernatural cause, I don’t see a problem with the attestation that a sort of ‘sixth sense’ exists, when viewed through the light of the subconscious. Nothing supernatural about it.

    Which may be the thing – it’s the belief that those events are supernatural that cause problems.

  2. I know we have something extra, i believe some have more of the extra and some have less,i have known this since i was a little girl. I am so happy to see this program.

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