Mormonism Exposed Cartoon

I believe I’ve posted this unique cartoon before on some of the old school Freethunk pages, but this is the cartoon by Jeremiah Films from a video called “The Secret World of Mormonism.” After you’re done watching it, maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand why I refer to Glenn Beck’s religion as nutty in some of my articles and this is one religion where science does have a say. There is no evidence for the war between the Nephites and the Lamanites–it is made up history that we can easily research.

Mormonism is a silly religion without a good defense. Unlike Christianity, the truth is not separated by time. It also shows how the mind can accept religion and not question it according to commonsense–and this is a major religion at this stage of the game, not a minor cult.

Mormons themselves are some of the best people I’ve met. Their only recent flaw is their herd mentality to oppose gay marriage and letting Glenn Beck into their church. …Actually, I have to keep saying that I kind of like Glenn Beck on a personal level…but he’s still friggin’ nutty.

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