Mos Def Tortured

Have you seen this? Probably by now, it’s featured on YouTube.

From what Mos Def said, the tube itself is not the painful part, it’s the feeding. It feels like your brain is being seared.

Per ABC News, Obama has been called out on this by a protester and basically used political speech to sidestep with the end result of nothing being done. Of course, when I turn to CNN all I get is the Zimmerman trial (important but not continuous coverage) so American media is feeble as usual on exploring this topic (though I would hope the nightly news editorial shows would debate it).

Apparently 45 of the Gitmo protesters are on a hunger strike that started this year as many are being held “indefinitely” without trial or feel their rights are being violated according to the Geneva Convention. Hunger strikes in general at Guantanamo Bay go back to 2005 where there were more participants if you read the history on Wikipedia. I would suspect that this “form of torture” would reduce participation in any hunger strike.

The question becomes, what does Obama do? Either he has starving inmates/dead inmates or he tortures them with force feeding to keep them alive. And the prisoners involved may certainly deserve to be locked up as terrorists, however, they are due a trial. And should it be their decision to protest with a hunger strike and not be force fed? The United States is either going to get blamed either way; for their starvation protest or torturing them. I’m not sure we should be force feeding them at all; it seems to me to be a basic human right to protest in this manner (regardless of whether your protest is valid or not). No easy answers, but I can’t see this as being anything but torture.

And for those who say Mos Def is overacting, I would be happy to see someone else undergo the procedure.

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