Motley Fool Article on Drones Shows the Future of Drone Commerce


Drones have received a bad rap due to our war on terrorism and human rights issues, but the future is drones and a large part of that future will be commerce and possibly even humanitarian work.

In an article on The Motley Fool, a well known stock picking website, they cover the anticipated uses of drones by, Facebook and your local franchises such as pizza delivery. It may sound like fantasy now, but it’s going to happen. Imagine ordering your favorite large 3 topping pizza, paying with PayPal and then having it dropped to your door within 30 minutes (do you have to tip the drone?).

The most exciting aspect in the article I believe is Facebook’s plan to provide the Internet by drones to countries and regions who do not have access due to a lack of infrastructure for either traditional broadband or wireless services. While we can be cynical about Facebook’s business intentions, one of the effects of providing the Internet to areas where there is poverty, dictatorships and medical needs is that it helps immensely. Tying communities together locally and globally allows for news to spread of abuses, for aid to reach the right individuals, for people to be able to work together for the greater good and for entrepreneurship.

On the flipside, it may also mean an influx of religious proselytizing (which is what happens when new doors are opened into areas once closed off to free speech) and therefore freethinking communities may need to be more creative than ever in combating superstition and promoting scientific thought over prayer.

It isn’t going to happen overnight, but the fact that we’re discussing drones and seeing videos of test drones as a reality shows how far we’ve come already.

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