National Geographic’s Weird Animal List for 2010

National Geographic has come out with their top ten list of newly discovered animals in 2010 that are just plain weird. Everything from a T-Rex Leech to a Yoda Bat. Not exactly animals that would qualify as part of God’s beautiful creation.

I remember doing a really strange speech when I went to Bible College in my fruitless effort to become a youth pastor and I was interested at the time on God’s ugly creation. Maybe this was part of my awakening towards atheism which happened several years later, but I noticed that my fellow brethren always emphasized God’s beauty but not the strange and monstrous creatures known to be in nature also. However, I didn’t take it to the logical conclusion that if God created something as majestic as an eagle, he also created parasitic worms. I already know that my class at the time thought I was nuts because I was always trying to question everything and was leaning towards fringe literalism–plus I grew my bangs out past my chin because my job didn’t allow me to have long hair (I wanted to look heavy metal–truly, I was one of the weird myself). A wasteful and awkward time for someone who should have just gone to a 4 year art school.

If  God creates beauty than why isn’t he responsible for the ugly too? But I guess ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I just think Creation Magazine, if they haven’t done it, should feature a photo cover of tapeworms. From my experience with reading the magazine there is usually a glamour shot of a fluffy mammal or elegeant reptile. Why not mosquitos or sewer rats?

The saddest part of the NG’s top ten list is the “Sneezing Snub-Nosed Monkey.” They have to show a picture of a dead one because it was shot by hunters and eaten. They haven’t found a living one yet. They say it sneezes because it is too snub-nosed so that when rain falls it apparently gets into the nostrils. No reason given why it would have a snub-nose in the first place, unless it is just snooty.

Creationists may also want to consider what to do with a “Self-Cloning Lizard.” The species called Leiolepis ngovantrii is made up of entirely all females–to hell with men! So my question to Creationists: “Was Leiolepis ngovantrii invited onto the ark as a pair of lesbians?”

Of clean animals, and of animals that are not clean, and of birds, and of everything that creeps on the ground,  two and two, male and female, went into the ark with Noah, as God had commanded Noah. –Genesis 7:8-9

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