Naughty Nuns & Priests Halloween Costumes

Since I just posted a new Halloween pinup for Freethunk’s “Hot Cross Nuns” section for members only (membership is free, we’re working on the exclusive content), I thought I’d scour the web for Halloween costumes being sold along the same theme and direct you to their sites. I would like to support any dealer selling these unique creations.

Every year it is a Halloween turn-on to dress as a sexy nun and you don’t hear too much fuss about it. In other words, it’s fairly well accepted and I think Catholics have become a favorite costume along with vampires and witches. has a nice selection and you can use their magnifying glass feature to get a better look (achem).
Naughty Nun 1 – price is 42.99 at the time of this post. Unique cut, not as traditional. I featured it to the left.
Naughty Nun 2 – price is 24.99. More traditional but with a short cut to show the legs.
Naughty Nun 3 – price is 32.99. This is the nun that will beat your ass.
Naughty Nun 4– price is 64.99. Yowza. Leather look with stockings.
Naughty Nun 5 – price is 29.99. This is a naughty nun of a different kind. You will not be turned on. They call her “Sinister Sister.”

The priests selection, not as sexy of course, but still interesting.
Priest 1– price is 24.99. Completely traditional. Be careful not to be mistaken by police as a child molestor. You’ll notice that the model looks concerned, like he’s going to get caught by his parish for dressing up in this garb.
Priest 2 – price is 49.99. Gothic version. A little more on the horror side.
Priest 3 – price is 38.99. Holy Hammered version. I didn’t quite get this one until I looked at the Bible. Obviously there’s more than holy water being used. The description says the costume comes with book with flask hidden inside. Liquor not included.
Priest 4 – price is 39.99. Studly version. This priest is going to bag all the chaste babes and apparently do nothing with them but look good. has some nasty nuns–nasty in a good way. As well as Catholic School Girls.
Nasty Nun 1– price is 29.99. You would have to be a self-assured woman to wear this in public. Probably better saved for some role-playing in bed. Again, this site has a magnification feature (a-a-achem).
Nasty Nun 2– price is 29.99. A shimmering red version of the usual nun suit. I especially like the sleeves of the costume. ForPlayCatalog calls this one “The Sinner.”
Nasty Nun 3 –price is 29.99. Nuns like to show their midriff, right?From

Catholic School Girl 1 – price is 44.25
Catholic School Girl 2 – price is 43.50. Okay, not labeled Catholic. Actually this girl is in detention–bad, bad girl.

Here’s one last one from that has a nice look.

It seems to me that because of Halloween that the Nun and the Priest are becoming humorous icons. It becomes harder and harder to take their religious roles seriously. I have no doubt that real nuns do some good work, but why do you have to give up sex? Chastity only causes more problems as we can see with the recent scandals. Let priests and nuns bang each other and then do the Lord’s work, they can just avoid having kids that will interfere with their charitable activities–oh wait, that would require birth control.

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