New Ancient Croc Found and Vestigial Organs Discounted

It’s a double bite with two news items I found of interest.The first is a new species of crocodile found in Thailand. As reported by Fox News–much to the dismay of creationists who should remind Fox they are part of their fan base–a six inch fossil of a croc skull was pulled out of an excavation site in Nakhon Rathchasimaprovince which also is known as Korat. It is estimated to be 100 million years old. This creature had longer legs than their modern relatives and most likely ate fish (based on research from the teeth).

As usual, the newly discovered animal has been named something we cannot pronounce, nor will we remember. It is called “Khoratosuchus jintasakuli.” Hopefully, they come up with a nickname. I suggest “Korat Croc.”

Creationists are busy attempting to prove that the ancient croc fits into the 6-10,000 year timeline of the Biblical narrative and thus are asking to study the teeth for evidence that it might have bit a human or two.

Meanwhile, on the Creationist front, there is an attempt to explain away vestigial organs, or what scientists call evolutionary leftovers. See Answers in Genesis “Vestigial Organs: A Vanishing Argument.” Organs mentioned in the article as fully functional are the appendix, the pineal gland, the coccyx, and the thymus gland. Not mentioned is why these organs screw us over and we end up in the emergency room–oh wait, it’s sin! Of course the appendix would never fail in the mythic Garden of Eden.

I’m not totally opposed to the argument made that what may be considered vestigial may just be unexplained as to function–here’s another defender of vestigial organs if you want to read some of the reasoning. Science never claimed to have all of the answers here and now and for all time and therefore when new evidence is found, especially in the medical field, we have to update our knowledge base. I’m downloading the free video included within the article to see what the extended claims and explanations are since the Answers in Genesis article seems to jump from vestigial to “evolution isn’t true” without much discussion. I mean, maybe in Eden humans had tails which would explain why certain people are still born with them. Or why males have nipples–maybe in Eden we used to produce milk to feed all the kids running around? Possibly male nipples make us look sexy. I know I got teased in junior high by some kid because my nipples were too small (the bastard).

What this article fails to mention about vestigial proof for evolution is that it is not just constrained to the human body. Evolutionary biologists look for it within animals to point to their evolutionary past. Here’s a nice countdown of some of the most popular vestigial limbs and organs on .

The fallacy of Answers in Genesis is not that they couldn’t be right about evolutionary scientists being wrong on certain vestigial limbs or organs. It is their conclusion that if they disprove one piece of evidence that it proves their entire belief system.

What is their claim? That God created everything. Can we prove God exists? No. It can be inferred by pointing to “creation,” but then you have another problem. If creation shows us a creator, it also shows us the nature of the creator. And nature is brutal and cold with moments of pleasure (eating, sex, a warm comfy den, sunlight, etc). Creation is a mixed bag of imperfections that we humans are constantly battling. 

If you say creation was once perfect and therefore the imperfect creation points to the same God–that makes no sense. The imperfect creation points to an imperfect creator, that is if you insist on using creation as your evidence. You can’t simply make shit up and tell a story about it once being perfect (where’s the proof?). If you want to say the devil or even man is responsible for the imperfect creation–well, who created man and the devil so that they would screw it all up? Again, it points back to the original creator. And if you say God had to allow for freewill and therefore that’s why man and the devil screwed it all up, then what the hell is the point? In the future apocalypse, the second perfect earth/heaven will come about when all us heathens are wiped out because death and sin has been conquered…um…isn’t freewill going to screw it all up again? And if God can allow for perfection and freewill to coexist successfully in the future why couldn’t he do it in the past?

So creationists should stop worrying about vestigial organs and clean up their own house. How about finding a T-Rex with a human skeleton inside of it and then we’ll talk about whether we can take 6-10,000 years as a timeline for earth’s history seriously.

I have to do some artwork, but next I’ll be looking at this video from Answers In Genesis. Hopefully, somebody other than a smartass cartoonist is reviewing the video too.

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