‘No Peace if Christ is Not in Marriage’ Bull

After running a usual spin on a couple who was having marital problems and then turned to Jesus, Pat Robertson of The 700 Club is telling me there is no peace for the wicked when coming into a marriage–meaning nonChristians. You need Jesus to make a successful marriage.


There are a variety of factors involved in a good long term relationship, marriage or living in sin. I’ve been with a lovely hard-headed woman for the last 16 years in my “unofficial marriage” and I’m an atheist. Every month there are compromises where we have to talk situations out as to our needs and really the key to a good marriage is communication and quite honestly, a bit of luck (and most importantly a sense of humor).

With that said, what does Pat do with a repaired marriage story? Pat uses the moment to do an altar call. Christian marriages are a testimony to nothing when marriages without Christ work. Especially interesting is the amount of divorce you see within church showing that Christ is a toss up–some marriages with Jesus work, some don’t. Interestingly enough, some statistics suggest born again Christians have a higher failure rate. More evidence that this is nonsense.

If you want to claim Christ makes a personal difference, great, it’s your spiritual experience. Stop claiming Christ has anything more to do with marriage than religious compatibility–and even that isn’t enough if the personalities are clashing.

SIDENOTE: I also see nothing wrong with multiple long term relationships, the only concern being children. Divorce is frowned upon, but in bad situations it is needed. Or sometimes people do grow apart and move on. If you have two to three long term relationships in a lifetime that does not indicate failure–it’s a part of life and there’s happiness to be found in more than one person as I don’t believe in the concept of “soulmates.”

In the past, couples were trapped by religious tradition and a marriage could get extremely abusive and unhappy all for the sake of “staying together.” Staying together for the kids is admirable when necessary but it has to be evaluated in each context. If all you’re doing is fighting in front of the kids most likely they may learn to repeat your mistakes. Better to have a divorce with the kids staying with one parent then to prolong such agony. Our society is better for the ability to divorce when needed. Maybe divorce should be used as a testimony that “Jesus got me out of this bad marriage.”

2 thoughts on “‘No Peace if Christ is Not in Marriage’ Bull

  1. I am a missionary, intending to marry a girl that i love so much, but she has denied all efforts i have put for her to understand that only Jesus Christ can save and provide all our needs. she gets angry and always goes away whenever she hears about paying my thiths and sowing of seed faith in the church.

    what should i do, because she is adamant to believe in the promises of God, even reading the Bible again is a problem in her lifestyle.

    please , advice me . should i go ahead for the marriage in respect that she will have a change in mind to resurender her life to Christ or quit the relationship to avoid divorce in the future or even problems in the ministry.
    Evan Itoro

  2. I am a Missionary Evangelist in Nigeria, 34 years of age. I got into a relationship that i thought for marriage, but the lady is always upset when ever it comes to do with church work, reading of the bible and paying of thiths and seed sowings.
    her life with me is full of quarrels because she doesnt want to understand the teachings of God than the traditional believes. Please , is there any hope for her to repent so that i continue for the marriage?
    i need your help .


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