Noah’s Ark Movie, Explorer Disappears

I do hope for the safe return of this man, one 48-year-old Donald Mackenzie who is a fellow Noah’s Ark explorer with filmmaker Jeremy Wiles. According to WorldNetDaily, Donald is feared to be dead, either an accident or murder. He went missing off of Mount Ararat in Turkey where Bible mythology places the landing of the ark after the flood waters drained away. MacKenzie was a missionary from the town of Stornoway, Scotland and was handing out Bibles to a Turkish village–who knows what reactions he got, despite Turkey’s secularization.

Both men started their search for Noah’s Ark in 2004 and it looks like the effort now may have gotten one of them killed. I can’t fault an explorer for dying for his passion, but in this case it was an effort in futility. A boat that housed two of every kind, excluding asexual reproducing creatures, floating safely as God murdered everyone on the planet? It’s time to wake up. You might find something on Ararat of interest but not the Ark–maybe some loose boards or some two of every kind feces. Did Christians ever think that maybe God doesn’t want the Ark to be found? He sure seems to be making it pretty damn hard to find. Again, Christians are searching for evidence to substantiate their faith due to modern secular times–which defeats the point of faith.

One theory to Mackenzie’s disappearance is that he might have run into the Chinese. Apparently, there are reports that certain Chinese entrepreneurs are building a tourist attraction, a false ark, in order to sucker westerners. More on this is included at

Jeremy Wiles may be questionable at this point too. He was working on a documentary on finding the Ark or at least the search for the Ark, but then decided to switch his movie to “fiction.” Now why would he do that? God’s calling or lack of evidence?

Per WND again: “It’s a paradox that fiction had to be the tool we chose to use to shed light on truth,” said Wiles. “After all, this is what this story is about – it is the story of one man’s search for truth in a time of deception. The documentary-style footage will be combined with re-enactments from my childhood. We are also constructing a large set for the city that Noah lived near before the flood. With advancements in technology, we can now accomplish the building of an ark in 3D animation. There will be actors playing the parts of Noah, myself as a 7-year-old, the Watchmaker – a character inspired from an actual dream, and many others. There is a cast of over 50 actors and 900 extras. This is an epic film that has never been done before.”

It’s not a paradox–I call bullshit! Gee, I wonder in this piece of fiction will the Ark be found? Will it be anticipated to be found with a fictional scene? It’s nice to know you can show a 3D image of the Ark based on “no evidence.” Where’s the honesty here? I could agree with a documentary but to switch from documentary to fiction based on God’s supposed calling is very suspect. What Jeremy wants to do is sell the gospe of the Arkl based on his idea of what happened and in the process do a Raiders of the Lost Ark knock off. I can tell you from my childhood that there is a book already with Indiana Jones going on a quest for Noah’s Ark. It’s been done.

What a shame for Donald Mackenzie. I hope he remembers to include him in the film.

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