One of the Best Songs on God Ever

This is the video for “Dear God” by XTC from the eighties album Skylarking. I mention it occasionally and was listening to it again today as I worked. The album itself is a terrific entry into the eighties music line up, but the song “Dear God” is one of the best songs ever sung or written on the subject of the almighty. It is catchy, sarcastic, biting and tears into the idea of God by literally saying, “I can’t believe in you because…”  I know someone will say that by doing this the lead singer is recognizing God by talking to him directly, but I would say this is obviously artistic license with a nudge-nudge (I’m not really talking to God, I’m talking to Bible believers). It can be interpreted as atheistic but most certainly agnostic. And if some deity were to hear, he/she/it would at least know the reasons for the disbelief.

I know someone will also think, why be angry at God for the fault of humans? Well, that’s sort of the point too. Why believe in a god that makes no difference when we humans have to figure out how to get along, deal with nature’s destruction and cure disease by ourselves. Don’t believe in a fantasy that doesn’t do anything, believe in each other (like doctors, peace negotiators, and scientists who come up with results).

This YouTube version is nice since it includes the lyrics. It has also been covered by Tricky and Sarah McLachlan.

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  1. Consider, though, this is a parody of Christian versions of the crucified hands and I’ve seen plenty through the middle of the hand.

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