Oprah is the AntiChrist

You may think I’m only kidding with this proclaimation but it could be true according to some Christians. My unofficial wife of 14 years was talking to one of her girlfriends who is a devout Christian and in a hush, hush tone she brought up the end times. This woman then said ominously that she knew who the AntiChrist was. My wife guessed quickly, “Obama?” as he is high on the list right now, but she said no. “It’s Oprah Winfrey.”

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Next in the Google list of interest is Answers.com as the author of the post makes the point that the AntiChrist has to be a man since Christ was a man. This of course leads to President Obama being the perfect fit for the AntiChrist (I told ya). The writer notes that Barack is also an atheist. …Sorry, that’s not the case just because he said “we need to be above religion.” The author is what we would call a dumbass (sorry, that’s unprofesssional, but it really is a dumbass conclusion). I can tell you that most Christians I grew up with said they were above religion too because they insisted that their faith was a personal relationship with Christ, not a set of traditions and rituals which they defined as “religion.” Fact is, a lot of mainstream Christians find it offensive that you would lower their beliefs to the status of “religion.” My point being that being above the term or not even liking the term “religion.” has nothing to with being anti-Christian. Just so any Christians reading this can find a source they may believe in regards to this question then stop by Fox News of all places for the article Obama: “A Christian by Choice.”

A Catholic writer weighs in on the subject at Unam Sanctam Catholicam where he states that he is partly joking but also serious? Dr. Phil apparently was part of the speculation as the false prophet described by Revelations, but has since been dismissed due to waning popularity. The argument hinges on Oprah’s arrogance as Reveleations describes the AntiChrist as “haughty.” We could all agree with as much power as Oprah has that she probably has an elevated ego, offset most likely by charitable work. However, this means nothing in the face of other celebrities and politicians who may use the common phrase, “Don’t you know who I am?” The more convincing argument is that Oprah espouses new age sensibilities–a little of this, a little of that type spirituality. To me, Oprah’s nonsense and Christianity’s nonsense are the same. The most hilarious concept in this post, though, is the image of the AntiChrist with reference to the golden “Oprah Sarcophagus.” I thought this was a joke, but it’s for real. Sculptor Daniel Edwards actually made this, pictured left, in order to remind baby boomers to choose a casket for themselves.

So far I haven’t seen anyone blatantly call Oprah the AntiChrist. It seems like they want to, but they dance around the subject so they don’t look like idiots. However, Rev. James Manning is up for the job. Guzer.com has a video of him announcing that Oprah is the AntiChrist. Lest you think this is a joke you can read up on Manning and his ministy on Wiki.

Growing up, I always heard the warning not to try to guess who the AntiChrist was or when Jesus would return, but Christians can’t help themselves. They see someone they don’t like in the media and they think, what is the worst possible way I can demonize this person I can’t standcall them “AntiChrist”! To all the conservative Christians who think Obama is AntiChrist because they don’t even believe he’s American–you’re a bunch of bigots. And BTW, I’m not a far left “leftie,” I’m a moderate and I’m not even sure I’m an Obama fan yet as I distrust most politicians. To those who actually believe Oprah is the AntiChrist–you’re a bunch of morons. I’ve been trying to tone down my rhetoric concerning believers as history seems to indicate that religion is simply bad science, people trying to understand and explain the world as best as they could. Unfortunately, this here is not a case of trying to understand. It is one group of people arrogant enough to call someone the worst thing possible, a child of Satan, which in Christianity could be equated with calling a black person a certain word. Disagree with Obama on his politics all you want, I have and I’m sure I will in the future, but at least give the man respect for being our president. He’s done nothing to deserve that much disdain even if his ideas are flawed.

I have no problems calling Oprah the AntiChrist in jest, but actually believing it drops your intelligence to that of a child–gullible, to say the least, and within Christian terms it seems to be pretty hate-filled. Oprah is annoying, but why do we need to hate her? I will be happy to poke fun of her new-agish beliefs, but it’s just not necessary to hate someone for such beliefs.

BIG SIDENOTE: A reader clued me in that I was a victim of Poe’s Law concerning Is Oprah the AntiChrist? Blog. I admittedly hadn’t heard of Poe’s Law but here is a definition from RationalWiki:

Poe’s Law is an axiom suggesting that it’s difficult to distinguish between parodies of religious fundamentalism (or, more generally, parodies of any crackpot or extremist belief) and genuine proponents of religious fundamentalism, since they both seem equally insane.

In other words, I have been punked! Damn! I can only blame myself for doing a brief read-through of the site and yes, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between parody and fanaticism since they can be equally funny. Some conservative sites also use humor while targeting their subjects. The World Wide Web is full of pitfalls and I stepped in one. For the sake of keeping me humble I will retain my mistake below. Feel free to enjoy my embarrassment.


[Commentary assuming site was real…]

Now I of course laughed when I heard this, but I got to thinking…where did this woman get such an idea? So I started Googling. It could be that the proposition is more of  a conservative backlash like the Is Oprah the AntiChrist? Blog with the tagline “We think maybe.”

The webmaster appeals to right of issues and quotes Biblical verses. I often wonder when conservatives do this do they understand it is harder to take their religion seriously? It could be argued that Jesus was a socialist. He advocated several times to just give your stuff away if somebody asked for it including “rendering unto Caesar” your tax money. He’s not a good role model for free market capitalism, but neither are the majority of the supposed free market advocates on the right wing of the power spectrum. They like the free market until it is inconvenient.

The contradictory philosophy of Is Oprah the AntiChrist? Blog is summed up in one of their recent posts concerning Oprah running a marathon and apparently lowering the bar: “God has a special plan for this nation, provided we continue to adhere to the Christian values laid out by our forefathers. Let’s not let Oprah lead us astray. Don’t just settle for dragging your sorry behind over the finish line–Jesus likes winners!” …Hmm, I thought the appeal of Jesus was that he embraced the losers of society, not athletic winners, but what do I know?


UPDATE: From the Christian Post: Mike Bickle, leader of the International House of Prayer (IHOP), has said that 57-year-old former talk show host Oprah Winfrey is “the antichrist.” Yet, another example.

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  1. You think the Oprah Antichrist blog is real? You just got owned by Poe’s law. Satire–look it up.

  2. LOL, yes I did get owned. I updated the article but kept the mistake with notations. I can only laugh at myself.

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