Osama Cartoons from 2001

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Wow, what a Sunday, and the media blitz after Obama’s announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death–it’s definitely history!

I decided to dig up all of the cartoons I drew after Sept. 11 2001 to see what I had done in the frenzy of those months after the attack including my infamous and badly animated Taliban Women’s Revolt which will probably be my 15 minutes of fame as it has seen by over 2 million people or so on Newgrounds.com and other such such websites that feature irreverent flash and video animation.

The cartoons also may show my ignorance of the Middle East or Islam or at least this is how I’m remembering them. I’m hardly an expert on Islam now, but I have grown up, so to speak, in my knowledge of the religion–most Americans had to if they were intellectually honest. I still won’t say Islam is a religion of peace (as I won’t say the same about Christianity) and I still plan to satirize Mohammed and Allah, but I will say that Muslims as a whole got a bad rap for the acts of a few individuals. American Muslims especially had to take heat for something that was completely out of their control. Fundamentalism is a dangerous thing and as much as these cartoons and cartoons by other artists show poor taste I think they are necessary for breaking the stranglehold of the clerics and the bloodthirsty imaginations in the minds of devout followers where Allah and the Koran are to be taken much too seriously. It is time for Islam to be altered by culture so it is compatible with other religions and even atheism.

After September 11th we were all so mad and wanting blood that much of what spewed out of the cartoonist’s pen will have to be evaluated by history–do the resulting cartoons show ignorance, bigotry, and scapegoating or do they show a valid reaction to a terrorist act done in the name of Allah? We really did think we were going to send a missile up Osama’s ass and blow the Taliban all to hell. While my cartoons can be violent, I rarely embrace violence now as a solution except for extreme circumstances–killing Osama is one of those circumstances. I have to say, I think the cartoon violence in some of the toons does show my anger at the time. The Taliban stood for everything America did not and we we’re giving radical Islam the finger in every which way we could think of, whether it was making fun of the burka¬†or using cartoon violence to imagine the delight of ripping Osama apart. It’s morbid and even more morbid is celebrating the terrorist’s death–yet I understand the reaction.

Regardless if you liked Bush or not (sorry, Bush always seemed to me to be an idiot surrounded by more intelligent people such as Cheney) the American people wanted a leader who would give them blood. Osama became Saddam Hussein’s nightmare as it gave Bush, Jr. an excuse to invade Iraq. So in the end who would’ve thought we’d get the blood we really wanted from President Obama (and you can debate all you want about the events leading up to the killing, but Obama did make the final call to kill)? Maybe that will shut those loud pundits up about his birth certificate and his loyalties (The conspiracy theories are such bull and Donald Trump is an ego-maniacal moron. Hate Obama for his blunders on the economy, but enough about the birth certificate.).

If Obama screws up the economy, I don’t think it will matter for the next election. I think killing Osama is the deal breaker with the American people. It’s a very weird feeling; I don’t care much for celebrating someone’s death but then I keep being reminded, much like my reaction to Saddam’s death, that this guy should have been aborted before he could bring so much hurt into people’s lives including his fellow Muslims.

SIDENOTE: The flash file for the animation is old so if it doesn’t load I will try embedding it again. I’m using a plug-in but it didn’t seem to work the first time around.

(The donate blood one is surprisingly vicious. I guess I’ve mellowed out since then.)

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