Pakistani Atheists Start Facebook Page

The Pakistan Flag from Wikipedia

I’m sure this story has spread like wildfire as I’ve found several instances of it, but per UK’s The Freethinker Pakistani atheists are now making themselves visible on Facebook.  By the way, before I go too much further, The Freethinker article has a hilarious picture of a devout Muslim holding a sign that says: “Behead Those Who Say Islam is Violent.”

The article goes on to describe the founder of the Facebook page who is Hazraat NaKhuda, a former Pakistani Muslim. He apparently realized that he was only a Muslim because his parents were Muslims. It is also interesting to note that he is a computer programmer. I don’t want to read too much into it, but my hope is that as science and technology spreads it will be easier for the indoctrinated to break the religious mindset. After all, if you program a computer you can also see how the human mind could be programmed.

These young atheists are up against unimaginable prejudice. If you think agnostics and atheists have it bad in the United States, it’s certainly worse with the threat of violence hanging over your head. Again, Americanism has allowed for “the lion to lay down with the lamb” as we can usually argue here but still be hospitable towards one another–even if one side thinks we’re going to be tortured eternally in hell. I’d rather they think it then make it happen.

The Facebook page appears to be only for invited members (which makes sense) and includes university students from New York University, Oxford University, and Lahore University. Though small in number, this is certainly exciting news as young intellectuals and leaders could return and make a difference in their own country; taming the radical elements of religion in favor or tolerance.

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