Pom Wonderful Sexy Commercial

Seen this? It’s cliche, but who cares. Nothing sexier than a snake slithering around a naked woman.  Isn’t it interesting that the makers of Pom Wonderful feel comfortable enough to compare their product to the temptation of Eve? Sin is so tasty.

And is that Malcolm McDowell’s voice in the background? Always interesting to hear famous celebrities do voiceovers. I guess they need a new yacht or something?

28 thoughts on “Pom Wonderful Sexy Commercial

  1. I think your commercial is in very poor taste, bordering on PORN. Can’t you come up with a better way to sell your product. I think you need to hire a new group for your advertising department. It is very difficult to explain this commercial to our grandchildren.

  2. I hate this commercial. I can not stand snakes eeeeeeewwwww

    It appears abusive/degrading to have a snake crawling on a human.

    I don’t understand how anyone could think a snake is sexy???therfore not porn

    I am not offended by the nude lady just the snake.

  3. My wife thinks it is Malcolm mcDowell, she is supernatural about voices.

    Nice commercial. My grandkids love it. Seriously, i don’t know i could let a snake crawl on me, it would take some effort.

    I can’t stande people named cindy, and i explain it to my grandkids by saying it is a reference to a highly unlikely recounting that a few billion people believe as fact.

    I’ll have to buy some of that Pom..

  4. The moment I heard the commercial, I knew it was Malcolm McDowell. I’ve been a huge fan of his since A Clockwork Orange and would recognize his voice anywhere. I’d buy the product just because he’s the narrator.

  5. I thought the commercial was cool. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, it’s not porn.

    Here’s mine… 🙂

    I believe many Americans are so hung up on protecting kids from the evils of nakedness that we create people who are not well adjusted. We end up making our kids into sex starved people who don’t know how to express themselves.

  6. Hate it. Good chance I will have a nightmare tonight. Ophidiophobia is the most common phobia in North America – greater than 35% of our population has some degree of ophidiophobia. There is a reason snakes are not used in mainstream advertising.
    This commercial makes we want to never buy or support any POM product. Probably not what the company hoped for.

  7. it is a take on the richard avedon photo of nastassja kinski, where the snake is coiled around her body, from 1981.

  8. I love the commercial! Snakes can be dangerous if improperly handled, but they are a beautiful, vital part of nature. Because they seem alien, over the ages they have been undeservedly demonized, especially by those needing a scapegoat for man’s capacity for evil. The woman is tastefully presented in her leaf bikini with not as much revealed as by some soap/shower/underwear commercials. The interaction between them illustrates how we should appreciate the natural world.

  9. I will never buy your product. Horrible commercial and I can’t get to the remote fast enough to turn the channel.

  10. Different commercial, I will admit that.

    For those of you worried about how the woman is dressed – quick don’t let your kids know they have navels, who knows what they’ll figure out next!

  11. I don’t like the commercial because of the symbolism. They are inferring that eve got kicked adam and herself kicked out of eden because the fruit was a pomegranate not an apple. I’m not a bible thumper and I can tell I am alone in my thoughts here because no one had mentioned this before. But that’s why I dislike this commercial.

  12. Lighten up! It’s a clever and nicely done commercial that has captured a lot of interest in a new product. The model is Sonja Kinsky, the beautiful daughter of her equally beautiful mother, Natassja Kinsky, the subject of the aforementioned photograph. The commercial is not loud, not obnoxious and promotes a benign product. What more do you want?

  13. Terrible commercial in poor taste…..amazing what we think is acceptable now. Will not buy this product!

  14. In my opinion, this is a landmark commercial. When I saw it for the first time I knew that it was something special.

    I also figured that it would stir up major spiritual debates and cause much controversy, but obviously this was the intention, and apparently it worked exactly as hoped.

    I think it’s one of the most beautiful commercials ever fashioned. Every time I see POM in the supermarket it will certainly elicit a pleasurable memory. Plus, I bought it for the first time.

    Kudos to POM and kudos to the ad company who created it.

  15. People need to lighten up. Stop having a bitchfit anytime you see a human body that isn’t fully clothed on your tele. Intolerant and close-minded individuals such as you demonstrate the mentality that is responsible for some of the biggest abominations in history. Lighten up, it’s JUST a human body, and NOT degenerate porn.

  16. We will never purchase your product do to poor taste in commercials which translates poor tasting juice. Try making it family friendly.

  17. I am very disappointed in this tasteless ad and will never buy your pom juice because of it. I agree with FU. Let’s get some class and make it family friendly!

  18. You know it’s hard to take a comment on tastelessness from someone named FU–usually that stands for “Fuck You.” I’m not sure if FU was just kidding around.

  19. U people are crazy. This commercial is such an artsy, prophetic-visionary of the past, (for all u ignorant, old-fashioned people) and at the same time such a beautiful, eye-catching, sexual, couture, sheek depicition of the future at the same time. I absolutely LOVE it!!! All u haters grow up!! I think parts of her body that IS COVERED with leaves, would make for a TASTEFUL, BEAUTIFULLY done TATTOO…! especially if u put your own twist on it!

  20. I think the POM wonderful commercial with the lovely blonde portayed as the goddess Aphrodite is such a great marketing stragedy as well as SO captivating it is almost dreamy and breath taking………. I LUV UR Commercials POM!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  21. @ Dana Jarett. I thought the leaves covering her boday was a tattoo design. It’s so pretty on the ad that I was trying to google the tattoo just to find your comment that they’re actually leaves.

    I think the ads are cool and my kids think that the women in the ads are so beautiful because of the benefits of the fruit lol. Seeing this ad as porn is sort of like being offended by breast feeding – dumb!

  22. I will never, ever buy your product because of this commercial. Why in the hell would any sane person think that a snake would make someone want to buy your product?! Total turn off and I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BUY and Just as I’ve taken the time to find your complaint forum, when I am done here, I will be writing to all the networks that run this horrible ad!

  23. What a SHOCK to be watching TV and *BAM* have a closeup of a snake (which I loathe) crawling all over a lovely scantily clad lady. I immediately looked away and didn’t see the rest of the commercial but this is what I was told. Tasteful nudity is a lovely thing, but subjecting the public, most of whom are like me or close to it, to a gross snake throughout the commercial is a GUARANTEE that I will certainly never buy your product again! Go back to the drawing board with the ad agency who thought this one up!

  24. Wow, it’s just a commercial — some of you people so hung up about snakes and nudity. BOTH are a beautiful part of Creation! Get over your pent up, uptight selves! What do you think of the Venus de Milo of any other “suggestive” painting, sculpture or nude reference that has children or animals in it — PORN???????? It’s a COMMERCIAL. Don’t like it? Too bad — don’t watch. And I’m sure not getting your endorsement won’t hurt product sales — I use this product regularly in Pomegranate martinis! (And my evil potions while I’m NUDE)

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