Pope’s Dove Attacked by Gull

In what is a rather silly news post, per MSN.com, the pope released one of his symbolic doves which was subsequently mauled by a seagull. The article playfully referred to Darwinism and “survival of the fittest” in comparing the two birds, though if we were really to study them I would say both have found their niches. The writer ended his fluff  (no judgment, it was entertaining) by saying that doves are ceremonial birds representing peace and that seagulls are “stomachs with wings” that poop everywhere.

Admittedly humorous, doves and pigeons are in the same family and we know what pests pigeons are pooping everywhere so seagulls aren’t the only guilty ones. Doves just aren’t as common as both gulls and pigeons, or at least not within city limits, and haven’t had a chance to poop on us as much.

Dove mythology is based primarily on the story of Noah’s Ark when Noah sent a dove to find land and it brought back an olive branch. This after god pointlessly destroyed sin by killing every man, woman, child, and creature except the lucky sinless lottery winners aboard the ark. …And then shortly after the Ark passed through the flood the sinning began again. Brilliant plan, god!

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