Praying for Facebook to Avoid Fees

The Christian Post has an article reporting that, a Christian TV network, is praying for Facebook because Facebook is apparently gospel central for using the newest technology to evangelize. They’re concerned with all of the lawsuits that are being thrown at founder Mark Zuckerberg which may throw a wrench into the evangelical works.

Zuckerberg is facing a recent challenge from Paul Ceglia who says he owns a “large stake” in Facebook and “filed on Monday with a U.S. district court an updated complaint and included a series of email correspondences with Zuckerberg himself which allegedly prove that the Facebook founder agreed to give him a 50 percent share in the website.”

David Wright, CEO of thinks it is possible because of Ceglia’s lawsuit that Zuckerberg could consider a Facebook fee. “Whose to say that Mark Zuckerberg will never charge a small monthly fee to users of Facebook because of the millions of dollars lost in legal fees. He was thinking about attaching a fee to Facebook in the very beginning.”

As if that’s a real concern. If Facebook started charging fees for personal accounts as well as accounts for nonprofit organizations like church groups and ministries they will lose their target audience. It would kill their business model.  I think DoersTV is simply praying from a marketing perspective. What better way to get people to write about your network than come out with a press release saying that you’re praying for Facebook. The Christian Post even noted that critics might suggest there were better things to pray for. David Wright agreed, but in response to the criticism said, “…God is using Facebook for His glory and honor…”

I guess God is ignoring everything else that Facebook is used for. I find the idea that God is involved in social networking rather dumb as God doesn’t have his own Facebook page where he could be directly communicating with us. Again, religion thinks just because they’re pushing God using the newest technology that God is somehow responsible for it. It’s just human effort, otherwise wouldn’t God have given Facebook to a Christian? According to Wiki, Zuckerberg has “described himself as an atheist.”

So what does Doers TV offer and is it free? Loads of programming and yes it is free–because God likes free (as long as it is supported by advertising and donations). If you go to Doers TV channel guide you’ll see some familiar channels like TMC and Discovery Channel, but others like Christian Sports Network, Christian Business Network, The Men’s Channel, The Women’s Channel, The Christian Comedy Channel and The Messianic Channel. Good Lord! What do we need with a Christian Business Network? Are Christians only going to do business with other Christians? I guess if you’re into religious segregation this is the network for you. At the very least, Discovery Channel will allow for Christians to get some science here and there.

Perhaps if Doers TV is really concerned about Facebook charging fees they should donate/tithe to Facebook every month. After all, if Zuckerberg is doing the Lord’s work by providing this platform then wouldn’t it be fair to give money to God through him?

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