Pregnant Nun Ice Cream

The Freethinkerat is running a story about a banned advertisement for Ice Cream because it features a pregnant nun. I didn’t want to steal any of The Freethinker’s thunder with the ad so open a new window to see it here. It is a hilarious and quite a shocking idea for an ad. A pregnant nun spooning herself some delicious dessert, as pregant women are apt to do when with child, really puts you in the mood for something sinful. And maybe the nun is innocent– it’s another immaculate conception. I’m sure if it was available, Mary would have eaten ice cream too.

The creator of the ad is ice cream maker Antonio Federici out of the UK. They have been banned by the ASA, the Advertising Standards Authority (and I thought the FCC was bad here in the States). To paraphrase the reason for the ban, it is because it might offend sensitive Roman Catholics. It’s hard to believe this is coming from the country that gave us Monty Python? Maybe it has to do with the timing of the ad–the Pope is coming to town.

Antonio Federici does not plan on playing nice and will put up more of their ice cream adverts, especially near Westminster Abbey where the Pope is schedule to deliver Mass on Friday (hmm, I guess that would be today). These will not be the banned ads but ads along the same theme–which could be worse depending on who else could be offended.

The UK always surprises me on religion. There seems to be oddball laws against offending the public but some of the best sacrilegious entertainment has come out of their TV programming. I’m of course referring to Father Ted. If you’re a Freethunker and have not watched it, put it in your Netflix que now!

This isn’t the first time Antonio Federici has had one of its ads banned by the ASA. In July 2009 one of their ads showed a priest and a nun looking like they were going to kiss. I wonder if this pregnant nun is the result?

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