Priest Sues Pro-Life Website

I’m not sure how I feel on this one. Per WorldNetDaily, Father Raymond Gravel, located in Quebec, has filed a 500,000 libel lawsuit against for calling him “pro-abortion.” Father Gravel says he is not pro-abortion but pro-choice. If the priest wins his case it will put the website out of business.

From a free speech perspective I’m not sure I like the idea of suing based on opinion. Yes, there is a distinction between pro-choice and pro-abortion because I feel the same way. I’m not for abortion but I am for personal choice in the matter as abortion–for the most part–can’t be legislated in my opinion and there are always exceptions beyond the stupidity of teenagers who don’t use birth control. However, being that I once was pro-life when I was nearer to the Christian right, I know there is no distinction between pro-choice and pro-abortion in that movement. If you allow for any choice to have an abortion you directly support the abortion. This to me is opinion and not the same as defamation of character.

For example, I could say that all pro-lifers who are for the death penalty are actually pro-death. That would be my opinion, but the accused would simply say there is a difference between an abortion and a trial that results in an execution. In other words, “context.”

So while I’m all for advancing against the idiocy of the black and white mindsets ¬†of the pro-life movement, I think it’s fair to say that their labeling of Father Gravel is opinion based on their brand of ¬†theology. If this is all the case is about then dismiss it. If there is more to the story such as what some pro-life groups have done by putting up flyers in the neighborhood of the accused so that he is put in a bad light amongst his community then maybe the case has some value. This would be more of a campaign to malign his name then a label in a news story.

The hypocrisy of course is that Father Gravel is Catholic and as we all know the Catholic church would view him as pro-abortion too. Why not just leave the church? Father Gravel may believe in reforming Catholicism from within. My opinion, if it counts, is that the Catholic church should be demolished due to the raping of little boys on an unprecedented level. If you still want to be Catholic, then start a splinter church or a new reformed church but do it without the hierarchy–it’s corrupt and rotten to the core.

SIDENOTE: The Life News Website has a formulated prayer to get God to defund Planned Parenthood. Apparently, if enough people pray this prayer God takes notice and says, yeah, I’ll empty their bank account. Honestly, why do Christians not see how ridiculous it is to beg God to do anything? Either he’s going to do it or he isn’t, regardless of puny humans. Or as usual…he’s not there.

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