Priests Versus Vampires Movie

While I was able to track down the trailer, it is a little hard to get good information on this movie about a Priest who kills vampires in the future. According to they say, “A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.” It will star Paul Bettany who interestingly enough played Charles Darwin in the movie “Creation” about the early life of Darwin as he wrote The Origin of the Species.

Per FirstShowing.Net, Priest is a manga adaptation, the original source material was done by artist Hyung Min-woo. I’m familiar with Manga’s love of using western religion and mixing it with horror or action such as fighting nuns or priests. It’s  a little hard to tell if this movie is a faithful adaptation, though, after reading the premise of the comic book series on Wiki which says “Priest” faces off with 12 fallen angels and not vampires. The plot gets increasingly complex as you read on, but still indicates demons and not vamps. I admiittedly have not read the series–so many comics, so little time–and therefore cannot comment. A reader with more knowledge can of course chime in here. By the way, not all Manga is Japanese and in this instance the artist is Korean.

I’ve perused Manga titles about battling nuns and priest before and while somewhat amusing they are usually about action and not theology or heavy satire. So I’m not sure I can recommend this kind of material to Freethunkers, but I’ll keep an open mind until I see the movie. Certainly I appreciate the East picking up Catholic themes and running with them, but the East likes to fuse religious beliefs with their own–watering them down–and therefore the entertaining jabs at religion we would look for as westerners aren’t often there.

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