Private Muslim Schools Cover Up Their Girls

Keeping an ever watchful eye on the world of Islamic fashion, The Freethinker reports that three private faith-based schools in Britain are requiring their young ladies to either wear the niqab, which has a slit for the eyes, or the burka, which has a mesh covering the face. “Madani Girls’ School in Tower Hamlets, East London, Jamea Al Kauthar, in Lancaster and Jameah Girls’ Academy in Leicester” are the schools in question. This is a mandatory dress code for teen girls living in western society who are preparing to be a part of adulthood in Britain. Some girls having to dress this way may not even be teens, but as young as eleven. The schools have been approved by Ofsted Inspectors who apparently have the role of sniffing around faith schools for unacceptable policies and procedures.

It’s hard to say if this is really fair on the teenage girls as we have to defer to the parents to set the rules whether we agree with them or not. I don’t believe in forcing muslims to give up their dress code regardless of how stupid it is. Obviously, most girls in the west would rebel against such authoritarian behavior and while muslim parents and teachers may think they are raising submissive girls, it is sure to backfire. In a theocracy ruled by men and religion in the Middle East there might be a chance, but these girls can step outside and see freedom all around them. Some of them may not give in to temptation, but I would guess the majority will eventually say to hell with covering up from head to toe and opt for a nice T-shirt and some tight jeans.

Besides, I have to say that the niqab type veil is pretty damned sexy. Do a search for it in Google images and you’ll get a lot of beautiful eyes staring back at you. A niqab striptease would be a huge turn on. If muslim parents really want to keep their daughters from getting involved with teenage boys dress them like trailer trash slobs so they don’t look so sexy. Women flirt with their eyes and a quick wink can turn the flaccid to rock hard.

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  1. well i just want to say that if you see at NUNS dress code that is exxaactly the dress code islam has said for the muslims women hiding face is not compulsory in islam but rest of the body must be covered in islam , a more good example of that is the dress code of the IRANIAN women after the revolution in which their face is opened which is not compulsory in islam to hide and as iranian women have covered their bodies after the revolution in iran that is the best example of the dress code for women in islam every where . thank you

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