Psychic SEO People, Stop Asking Me for Links

Would you give personal information to Dyami to read your fortune?

I don’t claim to be famous, just one of many gadflies on the web who draws enough cartoons to relevantly upset and amuse in order for people to repost or comment on, so it seems reasonable to me that before a SEO person submits a link request that they simply Google my name or my site or at least read a little bit of Freethunk as part of the background research before making contact. Instead, I get compliments on how good Freethunk is and, oh, by the way, can you add our link to this “Psychic Support” website? I can’t stand psychic scams! Jesus Christ, Almighty!

I’ve gotten two requests in the last week. The first one I replied to the SEO contact with, “Are you effin’ kidding me?” ¬†and the second, “You should have predicted that I would turn you down on this scam.” My wife said I was being mean, but I think I was being pretty nice considering these sites con hundreds of people every month out of their hard-earned cash.

I realize these are probably generic email templates slapped together for SEO fishing expeditions, but it also shows poor judgment on the part of whoever is doing the SEO work and doesn’t understand what my site or someone else’s site is about. I always thought smart SEO was to find like-minded websites to gain links from, not just an old website simply because it’s been around for ten years or more (maybe it no longer matters?). What’s worse is these kind of sites try to leave template style comments on my posts with their URL which I have to delete. If they were smart, they would read one of my articles that might have some association with their supposed profession and make a unique comment. I would actually consider allowing them the URL in that case, just as I allow any religious website to leave their URL if they make a legitimate comment (negative ones included).

And just how do you become a “psychic expert” like Dyami? Is there a 4 year degree program? I can tell you the idiot in marketing doesn’t have an expertise degree. I’ve been watching the Discovery I.D. series “Wicked Attraction” about couples who murder and Dyami looks like every serial killer featured from the seventies.

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